Proshare WebTV is Nigeria's leading online business television and video service. Founded in May 2011 as a complement to the financial market information service of Proshare; it has since grown into a dedicated service, catering to a wider audience in the investing and commercial business community.

The service provides programming on news, analysis, events coverage and documentaries, exclusive interviews, company profiling, amongst others. With thousands of unique users visiting the site every day, the WebTV which has been "the Preferred Media Partner" of leading brands, offers a value proposition which delivers a service that enjoys both patronage and credibility amongst top players in the Nigerian market such as - FBN Plc, FBNQuest Investor Conference for four consecutive years 2012 - 2015, Access Conference 2013, the 2014 Power Investment Summit, Real Estate UNITE summit, Euromoney, Africonomie Events, the Nigerian Stock Exchange and Phillips Consulting Limited.


We professionally deploy real time sight and sound coverage on our platform to enhance a visual experience of the stories and news deployed. This offering includes interviews, real time social media engagement, news reporting and same day editing with highlights deployed to enhance awareness about the event.


This offers you an avenue to get Research Reports professionally written based on your organizations specific requests. Amongst the reports that can be customized for your use are Periodic Market Report, Equity Research Reports (for Listed Companies); Economic Research Reports & Technical Stock Picks.

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Considering the rate at which so many issues are left unresolved, Proshare WebTV engages in documentaries, which delivers investigative results regarding the specific issue in order to educate, enlighten and empower individuals or corporate concern.

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Through our seasoned anchors, we deploy various programmes digitally with special focus on business, finance, markets, economy, start ups, regulators and technology. This service enables us engage key stakeholders in these fields to discuss issues as it relates to every individual.


We help you reach out to a larger audience online locally and internationally. With an exclusive interview you are speak directly about specific themes which you intend to communicate to your audience. In addition, you are able to cut off commercial interruptions and share your visual content easily across various platforms.


This service delivers an in-depth review of an organisation's structure, people, process, products & services for a larger audience. The coverage which is deployed online can be used as a video ad and it offers archival value with added benefit of being loaded or linked to your Website or Dedicated Page, as applicable.


We can deploy a paid-for live streaming of events on your dedicated portal or through our Proshare WebTV portal.

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