5 Key points from Mr Olufemi Awoyemi’s remarks at the Capital market operators roundtable

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January 20th,2015 Tuesday  12.40pm/@webtvng.com

Mr Olufemi Awoyemi, FCIA  the CEO of Proshare Nigeria is one personality that has distinguished himself as a seasoned financial and market analyst, with incisive articles over the years backed up with data that will give anyone who wants to pick faults, a herculean task.

Driven by the passion of being a ‘voice in the Nigerian capital market space’ he has been in the business of  seeking equity, transparency and accountability from the key players(Investors, Operators and Regulators)

The brand he leads ‘Proshare’ is seen in many circles, as a ‘watchdog’ for the Nigerian capital market, and bagged several international and local awards last year for  market intelligence and innovation.

As a stakeholder, dedicated to the stability, viability and the development of the market, Mr Awoyemi was among the special guests at the 2015  capital market alliance roundtable forum with the media. .

A collaboration of the Issuing Houses Association of Nigeria, Association of Stockbroking houses of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers, this signaled a new dawn for the capital market operations in the country.

Mr Olufemi Awoyemi gave his remarks at a well  attended forum of stakeholders, analysts and capital market correspondents and here are 5 key points he raised;

Capital Market Alliance a welcome development

Mr Awoyemi lauded the leaders of the various market operators association, for chosing to set a new course by collaborating and engaging  the media, which he believe will go a long way to sensitize, enlighten and broaden the scope of participation in the market.

Private Equity: The New opportunity
The Proshare boss  articulated the fact that private equity was a critical component to financing in the 21st century, and the capital market operators should woo and engage them. He said comparatively in other developed markets in the globe, the private equity firms play a big role in the market growth, noting the operators should re-strategize and explore the immense opportunities from the PEs.

Creating Value from the Commodities Exchange Board

On the aforementioned, he said The Nigerian stock exchange has emerged one of the leading hubs in sub-saharan Africa, but for it to be translated into a value driven market; the ‘Commodities Exchange Board’, must become fully operational, which will lead to effective divestment of trade and portfolios in the market.

Revisiting the Strategy for Retail Investors

For the quintessential financial analyst the participation of the retail investors in the market has been ‘moribund’, owing to the excruciating experience of the 2007/08 market crash. This is one area the market operators must give priority, re-modeling their strategy of engagement.

There is need for enlightenment, sensitization and awareness, but most paramount developing the metrics and enabling environment for them in areas like a moderate fee for brokerage services and accessible/transparent process of trading particularly with the online portals and platforms.

Restructuring the Registrar Business

Considering the vital role played by the registrars in the capital market value chain, especially as it has to do with the shares of investors, Mr Awoyemi strongly advocated a restructuring of the operations, to ensure it meets the demand of the 21st century market.

He believes the registrars will be better positioned to give valuable service, which will bring traction to the market; benefit to the investors, operators and the regulators and will in overall lead to the development and growth of the market.

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