Ameyo Adadevoh: There was a Doctor


 September 12, 2014 Friday 8.00am/

Ever since the outbreak of the deadly disease ‘Ebola’ one major discussion point across the globe, has been Nigeria’s ability to contain and tackle its spread and menace.

Nigeria by Geo-political design is the most populous black Nation in the globe with a population of over 160ml people, and a predominant demography of youth, which means if Africa is to be completely ravaged by the ‘EVD’ an outbreak in the country will facilitate it.

So far the situation has been stabilized, thanks to the brave and heroic effort of a unique, warm, endearing and diligent medical professional Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh,(Late) whose death as a result of contracting the disease, remains a rude shock to the nation.

She saved the Nation a horrific experience, when she encountered the man who imported the disease into the country, Mr. Patrick Sawyer(Late) a Liberian diplomat, whose intentions for coming  into Nigeria, when he was infected with the deadly virus are still not clear.

The professionalism and thorough medical examination carried out by Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh was impeccable, because at a time Doctors were on strike it would have been a hap-hazard approach, that would have caused severe crisis.

Dr Adadevoh the ‘Angela Merkel’ of the Nigerian medical field who served First consultants distinctively, employed the full procedure of tests and assessments on Mr Patrick Sawyer, and no matter what the Liberian did before he died she was firm and alerted the Federal  and Lagos State Ministry of Health, who swung into action to curtail its spread.

From the analysis of 50 days of Ebola in Nigeria, the case is far different from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone who have all declared emergencies, all because Dr Adadevoh showed selflessness in the discharge of her duty.

The Guardian on the 26th of August, 2014 had this to say about her “Between Sawyer’s case and the possibility of a pandemic in Nigeria, Ameyo Adadevoh was the rock that stood and prevented death from assuming a national reign. Hers was an uncommon story of diligence, exceptional ability, sacrifice, heroism, selflessness and an unwavering commitment to the Hippocratic Oath.”

The consistency in zero tolerance for mediocre assessment of patient, paying total attention to details, referring patients to colleagues who she believed knew better, personally and effectively monitoring recovery and wellbeing of her patients and alerting related authorities of any disease or ailment that is infectious, remain some of  the qualities she displayed on the job.

We believe that this great woman, should not be forgotten and as she is interred today, it is expected that the Federal Government will use this occasion to honour her patriotism by conferring on her a befitting post-humous award as well as renaming one of the landmark health institutions after her.

Dr Ameyo Adadevoh is an example of the Nigeria of our dream, serving her fatherland with love, strength and faith. Her  labor of love and sacrifice to this nation remains a feat that people must learn from. Goodnight our Heroine. 

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