Nigerians urge INEC to improve its logistics on PVC collection


January 21st,2015 Wednesday 6.00pm/

With less than a month to the 2015 general elections, the tempo of political campaigns has increased and at all levels, the indicators show that Nigeria is on the verge of a landmark poll that should define the country’s direction in the next four years.

For this to be achieved the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has the mandate to mobilize Nigerians through the Continuous Voters Registration and Permanent Voters Card process by ensuring that those eligible are not disenfranchised.

Last week the Chairman of the electoral body, Prof Attahiru Jega released the statistics for the number of Nigerians voting in the forthcoming polls which is pegged at 68.8ml, representing a -6.4% reduction from the 73.5ml registered voters during the 2011 elections.

From the analysis carried out by Proshare, 40% of Nigeria’s 170ml population will be voting in an election that should generate massive political participation considering the intriguing contenders for the Presidential, Gubernatorial, National and State Assembly polls.

The 2014 CVR/PVC process marred with various logistic challenges on the part of INEC, has created concerns and doubts over the capacity to ensure a seamless electoral process for the nation.

To ensure the issue of disenfranchisement is tackled, INEC has decentralized the process for PVC collection, moving from the initial INEC office desks at various LGAs across the country to various ward centres that are close to the electorate.

At Isheri Grammar School in Lagos one of the centres, Nigerians shared their experience trying to collect their PVC.

Lekan Ayejemiwo said it was a hectic experience trying to get his PVC, but was okay with the process admitting some logistic challenges as about 4 INEC Ad-hoc staff were attending to over 250 people, he spent about 4 hours to get it.

For Oluwaseun Idowu there needs to be proper structures to ensure the exercise is hitch free, he also spent 4 hours before he could make headway in collecting his PVC.

Mr Israel Olatunji believed the INEC ad-hoc strength should be increased across the nation to hasten the process.

On the rigours, Mrs Oyinlola Erisan who relocated to Lagos, has fears that she could be disenfranchised as she has spent 2 weeks coming to the centre to get her PVC, since she registered November last year.

From analysis, the 2011 registered voters are having minimal challenges collecting their PVC, but those registered in 2014 will have to be patient as INEC has assured they will get theirs before the end of January.

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