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Our Trademarks

Proshare is much more than a website. In delivering the market information service, Proshare holds/own the following trademarks - ProshareTM, The AnalystTM, WebTVTM, The Nigerian Capital Market ReportsTM, PersonalFinanceTM, The Nigerian InvestorTM, Making Money in the Nigerian Capital MarketTM, Making Money in Penny StocksTM, Investor Relations ServiceTM, Share Support ServicesTM, Nigerian Capital Market ReportTM, ClubwiseTM, Money CampTM, Town Hall MeetingsTM, Proshare Investment ClubsTM, Evaluating your Financial HealthTM, Becoming your own Stock AnalystTM, and other key brands.

If you are seeking permission to use our content or trademark or copyrighted work, kindly contact us via or/and at the address above by submitting a letter titled: 'Conformation of Compliance with Best Practice Reprint and Reuse' addressed to the Chief Operating Officer (COO).