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Proshare MARKETS is a market intelligence portal dedicated to enabling investors (both retail and institutional), financial professionals and students make intelligent investment decisions from the point of NEWS to DATA VALIDATION and then TRADE EXECUTION.

The newly redesigned platform is one that has been reworked with you in mind, streamlining ecosystem, live feeds, data arrangement and interrogation menus while simplifying navigation and linkages; thereby building a responsive hub for all resources related to Nigeria's major Financial Markets namely Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Forex and Mutual Funds.

Unlimited Access through premium subscription to the portal avails you of the following solutions on Desktop and Mobile Devices, thus making market intelligence available to you every time and everywhere.

What do I get When I Subscribe:

News, Data, Analysis and Research

Access to fast and comprehensive coverage of the Nigerian Economy and the Capital Market fortifying you with market intelligence from financial markets inclusive of:

  • Equities (Listed, Unlisted and Private)
  • Fixed Income (Bonds, Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, etc)
  • Commodities (Energy, Metals, Agric)
  • Forex (Domestic, International as well as Cryptocurrency)
  • Mutual Funds (Equity, Money, Mixed, Ethical, etc)
An Investor Relations Portal for all Quoted Companies

This portal covers:

  • Corporate Actions
  • Financials
  • Fundamental/Technical Analysis
  • Valuation Statistics
  • Peer & Performance Comparisons
  • Stock & Industry Analysis
  • Research Aides
  • Share Support Service and
  • Other Investment Tools
Access to African & Global Market Indices Updates on Global & African Market Indices as well as key information readily available on TheAnalyst Platform
Investigative Research Reports Proshare Markets through its People and Partner Network offers you access to information from our in house analysts and experts as well leading analysts in the financial market to enable you make intelligent decisions.
Trade Execution Through leading Capital Market Operators, Proshare Markets affords an avenue to Select a broker easily and Execute your trades seamless.
Annual Cost Implication: $10 (N3,600) SUBSCRIBE / START
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