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Commodities     January 25, 2021
We began releasing an annual commodity review in 2020 to provide a trusted source of information for participants in the commodities market in Nigeria.
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Monetary Policy     January 25, 2021
Today the monetary policy committee (MPC) opens its latest meeting. It created two shocks last year with policy rate cuts of 100bps in both May and September. They may have been warranted in view of the economic slowdown (although its origins have been the external shock of the Covid-19 virus) but sit uncomfortably with the steady rise in inflation since August '19.
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General     January 22, 2021
The COVID-19 Pandemic is a once in a lifetime phenomenon that impacts millions of people across the world. Many people have died from the virus, others have been hospitalised, unemployment is at unprecedented levels, businesses have shut, and borders closed. Since Britain is a part of the global community, it is not exempt from the pandemic's side effects. However, in its attempt to tackle the virus, the British government is slowly moving along the road to totalitarianism.
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Oil & Gas     January 19, 2021
Oil prices fell more than 2% on Monday on rising concerns about oil demand. New lockdown restrictions in China spooked the market. "The COVID-19 pandemic's spread is taking center stage again and traders are getting increasingly worried about the long duration of European lockdown and about the new restrictions (in) China," Bjornar Tonnage from Rystad Energy said.
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Trade Investment     January 19, 2021
The Africa Investment Roundtable (AIR) held its maiden edition in which it addressed the issue of the application of technology in driving growth in Africa. The session focused on a few issues ranging from lessons of the COVID-19 and sundry challenges in 2020 to the continental economic outlook in 2021 and how African policymakers can turn crisis into opportunities.
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