Market research is usually required by investors whether local or foreign, high net worth individuals, corporate bodies, institutional investors or retail investors (individuals) to make informed and rational investment decisions in the light of facts and realities.

We provide high quality and customized capital market research, analysis and professional report. Our market research covers both the primary and secondary aspects of the market and specific services include subscription to Data and investment tools, customized report writing, API Configuration, amongst others.


The data service of Proshare Market is a virtual personal analyst/companion solely dedicated to enabling investors (both retail and institutional) and financial professionals make intelligent investment decisions from the point of DATA VALIDATION to TRADE EXECUTION.

On a real time basis you stand a chance of accessing data, news and analytics to enable you make smarter, faster and more informed business/financial/investment decisions.

Features of the Proshare Market Data Service include:

  • NSE Live Feeds with Bid & Offer prices
  • Fundamental/Technical Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Investigative Research Reports
  • Investors Relation on all Quoted Companies
  • Mutual Fund Performance and Analysis
  • ETF Updates
  • Stock Recommendations tracker
  • Access to African/Global Markets
  • Online Trading
  • Industry Analysis
  • Stock Analysis
  • Bonds Update & Outlook
  • Financial/Economic News
  • Share Support Service

Market Intelligence Access to fast and comprehensive coverage of the Nigerian Economy and the Capital Market fortifying you with the financial market analysis and reports thereby driving you ability to make intelligent decisions.
Communications with other Users both investors & Professionals The functionality of TheAnalyst creates an avenue for you as an investors (real/institutional) to connect with one another, and even provides you and opportunity to file share related complaints that are resolved professionally.
Access to African & Global Market Indices Updates on Global & African Market Indices as well as key information readily available on TheAnalyst platform
TheAnalyst Performance Reviews With TheAnalyst Performance Reviews you can track stock performance Sectoral performance
TheAnalyst Reporting TheAnalyst makes available sentiment Analysis Report, Investor's Newsbeat, Equity Reports and Updates that can help you
Other Benefits
  • Investors Relations on all Quoted Companies
  • Fundamental And Technical Analysis
  • Stock Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Corporate Actions and Capital Markets Updates
  • Updates on Regulatory Activities
  • Bond Review & Outlook
  • Analysis and Opinion of other players in the Market

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This offers you an avenue to get Research Reports professionally written based on your organizations specific requests. Amongst the reports that can be customized for your use are Periodic Market Report, Equity Research Reports (for Listed Companies); Economic Research Reports & Technical Stock Picks.

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For investors, the Investor Relations Service is the information depository of all listed companies in Nigeria, which gives you an access to corporate, technical analysis, finance, research, presentations, statutory documents, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the financial community, and other constituencies necessary to assess the listed entities' fair valuation.

The IRS also offers a range of customized services that provide valuable opportunities for listed entities to engage with stakeholders and increase visibility, thereby contribute to the correct appraisal of their shares and brand worth. Proshare's history and distribution outlets avail the IRS an optimal communication leverage with a targeted audience of investors and decision-makers.


This offering enables you to have access to key market analytics on your website. With a configuration to your website, real time changes on theAnalyst Platform automatically appears on your website and your customers can have easy access to same. This eliminates the stress of you copying and pasting from the analyst platform.

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