3 Fundamental Reasons How Pandemic Affected the Organizational Landscape


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With the pandemic still intact in many parts of the world, large enterprises and multinational organizations are constantly suffering. It is because they are exposed to numerous cyberattacks and data breaches. A mere email can steal thousands of useful and secret files. As a result, companies around the globe are working to create a secure digital working environment. However, the COVID-19 has altered the cybercrime world. The article elaborates on some of the reasons how organizations faced a paradigm shift in the pandemic. Moreover, the article will also be useful to those newbies who are searching for different business ideas like how to start moving company because it (the article) will assist you in creating a pandemic adaptive organization.  


Virtual Meetings are the New Normal

Offering a variety of benefits; virtual meetings are not only cost-effective but also quite efficient. While for some people, these online meetings have been nothing else than a blessing. Like for an introverted employee who was always shy to attend committee meetings before the pandemic. Furthermore, these meetings have the potential to replace those boring and pointless committee meetings. It is because previously face-to-face meetings required resources like a separate room. Now all you need is a stable internet connection and a working laptop. Therefore, analysts suggest that the days of mind-numbing committee meetings are over.


While to some, virtual meetings are a blessing, some members still long for face-to-face committee meetings. Such people are on the verge of searching for the essence of in-person meetings in the new virtual meetings. Besides, to some extent, the virtual meetings and orientations have proven to be quite challenging for newbies. Nobody likes to sit in front of a computer for many hours straight. All in all, the performance suffered a lot. It is because the employees have become more attached to the online platforms. Plus, you can simply mute or turn the camera off at any instance.


Therefore, due to the pandemic, virtual meetings have become quite popular. Although these meetings are a threat to organizational culture and communication richness, they have become inevitable.


It is Time to Re-conceptualize Culture.

With a strong ability to catalyse and create long-term value inside an organization, culture can be considered the most powerful tool. While some regard culture as the most useful asset, it (culture) does have the opportunity to keep all the employees intact. It is because culture often presents a combined purpose to all the staff that assists in keeping both the employers and the employees together.


Organizational analysts and researchers present a variety of definitions of culture. To some, culture is the most important backbone of any organization that binds all the employees. While others (practitioners and scholars) define culture as the environment around which an organization operates.


As far as the dissemination of culture is concerned, the analysts present two ways that help transmit culture across an organization. Including both the informal and formal ways of transmission; several scenarios including face-to-face meetings, orientation, seminars, and corporate events are some of the basic ways to convey and spread culture across the staff. However, due to the recent pandemic days, the transmission of culture through such formal and informal ways has been affected badly. The new employees are finding it quite challenging to accept the culture of an organization that they have started working for. No matter the online seminars or zoom meetings; face to face meetings proved best for the transferal of culture.  


Due to these challenges in the transmission, the working staff may feel alone. One of the many reasons behind this is the lack of interpersonal interactions. And these constraints will prove quite challenging even after the pandemic. Therefore, organizations are working to create new and adaptive ways to transmit cultural aspects.


The Change in Working Conditions

Although started as a precautionary measure, working from home has become and prevailed into a desirable working condition for some. At the start of the pandemic, the employers were forced to shift and relocate the employees to their homes. It was the best practice available to isolate the staff.


What is there not to love? Flexible working hours and working from home were always the optimal working conditions for some employees. Moreover, the employees who belonged to remote and rural areas made full use of these remote working conditions. As far as the organizations are concerned, every single enterprise was diversified into numerous home offices.


Everyone's availability and switching towards the internet attracted many cybercriminals. According to the recent FBI reports, the cybercrime rate has touched new heights. It is because the hackers now gained access to multiple enterprises and organizations. Moreover, not every organization was prepared for the pandemic. Hence, they are still working towards creating a secure and temper-free online working environment. 

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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