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The year 2020 has been a moment in time like no other. It was clouded by a virus pandemic that stunned the world, it was pressured by a recessionary pull riding on the back of factory shutdowns, new social distancing protocols, and a reduction in power and energy consumption. The year was also pepper-sprayed with social dislocations caused by the increasing menace of armed bandits in the Northwest, Islamic insurgency in the Northeast, kidnapping in the Southwest, Southeast, and Southsouth, farmer-herder clashes in the Northcentral, and a revolt against what younger Nigerians perceived as the highhandedness and tough-armed operational tactics of a section of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF).



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Beyond Despair, Disquiet, and Discord

Be this as it may, the year 2020 threw up sparkling opportunities just as much as it created darkened challenges. The year forced corporations to reimagine, rethink and restrategize their businesses, it taught them that disruption is inevitable and business sustainability is a function of industry, skill, and technology and not disquiet, distrust, and fear. Expecting the old ways of doing things to work in an emerging economy of unknowns is like driving a race car facing backward, the consequence inevitably would be unpleasant, even though the experience might appear exhilarating.


Companies of the future must be forward-facing, they must be bold, imaginative, and intentional. The notion of 'luck' as a business technique cannot be considered as a factor in the corporation of the future even though it might have been part of a company's past it should not be part of its forward journey in 2021. Company's that will win tomorrow's corporate challenges will have to be deliberate today and not excellent at the future's game of chance.


With a clear understanding that companies that will survive the future's periods of unsettling dislocations are the products of continuous thoughtfulness, grit, and innovativeness, Proshare has embarked on some actions that are expected to bring about the forward moment desired and to which staff are prepared to work towards. The new company will begin to emerge from the backdrop of a gradual change in people, processes and programmes started in 2020, and that will culminate in 2021 in the launch of an overhauled website that leverages the best global standards in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).



Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.



Our New Digital Reality

The new digital platform will have a touch and feel that elevates analysis and business news dissemination to levels of the highest professional governance standards and communication practice. The user experience and interaction enabled by the new website would give our numerous subscribers and readers a distinct feel of a future unfettered by the past and unclouded by the despair promoted by the problems of the year 2020. We believe that stars only shine at night and not in the daytime, hence, corporations that must be pacesetters will stand while others sit.


We recognize this fact to be true and hence by corporate and collective choice we have decided to push forward with being bold, bright, and audacious. We will be guided by best professional conduct but we will not be intimidated by notions of the conventional, the pessimistic, or the distressful. We know that problems were made to be solved and not avoided, so we will be available to offer measured, data-backed, and deeply researched reports that address economic and financial market challenges that may emerge in the year. The Proshare we will be promoting in 2021 will be one that provides users of its reports and services world-class business and financial intelligence, compelling economic analysis, and dispassionate policy intervention moments.



Pulling the Levers of Growth

Nigeria has great potential but potential does not translate to development or growth. Countries like companies turn resources into performance by planning, strategy, visioning, and imagination. These will be critical considerations for Nigeria in 2021, the problems the country has experienced in the last decade reflect symptoms rather than root causes. The country must address root causes and design programmes that tackle these issues deliberately uncompromisingly.


Programmes must be accompanied by execution, otherwise, the effort is wasted and time lost. In this context Proshare in 2021 will be monitoring national and sub-national policies that hinder or promote growth. We will be consolidating on our various memos to the market and other report interventions highlighting what needs to be done to bring down unemployment from 27% in Q2 2020, inflation rate which was 14.89% in November 2020, and improves the purchasing manager's index (PMI) which settled at 49.6% in December 2020. The country's growth levers must shift forward and to do this we believe that appropriate policies must be pursued with vigor and determination. In 2021 Proshare will take a robust quarterly review of the economy and assess the government's effectiveness in meeting its projections and creating economic value that improves citizen's standards of living.


Fast-paced growth in the general economy would influence growth in the fortunes of corporate organizations in the country, including Proshare, and this is why we have decided that 2021's economic growth levers will be critically monitored, curated, and reported by the company's research team.


 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.



Closing Comments, Eyes on the Sparrow

Proshare has no apologies for spearheading a new foray into African business and finance research, analysis, and reporting in 2021. We unabashedly believe that this is the age of Africa, one in which the continent comes into its own, to demonstrate capacity, character, and capability.


Our eyes is on the sparrow of the diligent pursuit of excellence. At the heart of this push are our people, our technology and our commitment to best global standards. For us, we are not preparing for the future because the future is here, we therefore are befriending the future for the creation of universally recognizable and measurable value. Our today is a clear totem of our tomorrow that we see as effervescent, forward-facing and deliberate.


For Proshare, regardless of COVID-19 concerns, recession playbooks and biting worries about fiscal and monetary uncertainty, the future and the year 2021 will meet an organization prepared to carry the burden of fresh-thinking, deep insight and enthusiasm to stay focused on what truly matters.



Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd. 




For: Proshare Group




Grace Adejare-AJUWON                                        Teslim SHITTA-BEY

Managing Director                                                   Managing Editor


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 Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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