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Adopting strategies to control change in a manner that will improve business outcomes during and after the COVID-19 pandemic is a major consideration of businesses currently experiencing low or no incomes, job layoffs and supply chain disruptions. The realities of the new era will lay out the foundation for a new work and production culture and the implementation of business continuity plans, according to John Wessey, a business and management consultant. Speaking on a WebTV #Coronanomics Programme, Wesey noted that companies will now need to be more conscious of the necessity to prepare for and accommodate uncertainty in normal business decision making.


According to Wesey, the agitation of citizens for the government to lift the declared official lockdown particularly in foreign countries is due to the massive disruptions caused to the social and economic routines of workers in these countries and the attendant apprehensions concerning their future.

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He noted that, "there is an obvious level of anxiety making people all over the world apprehensive about how they will pay  bills, mortgages, rents, and so on; people on daily wages, and organizations that depend on daily income streams to meet periodic cash outflows are in a haze over their immediate destinies".


Wesey said, government should  communicate effectively with citizens particularly youths by engaging them through appropriate communication channels in order to allay their concerns.


He charged the government to shape communication across the various demographics in different languages in a way that all Nigerians will understand.


The management expert added that, the strong intervention of local governments was very important while the efforts of some corporations sponsoring short advertising messages  on the impact of COVID-19 was good.

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According to Wesey, the Nigeria Centre For Disease and Control (NCDC) is doing a decent job but it needs to bring hope and inspire trust that the situation is being handled efficiently and competently and that the government was making efforts to unlock the economy as soon as the peak of the outbreak has been overcome and the curve had been flattened.


The consultant said by taking control of change organisations and individuals need to look into the future, the past was gone, in other words, a particular lifestyle and social relationship had gone while something new was taking  its place. He cited a quote from Jim Rohn , "We can't control the winds but we have the power to adjust the sail"


He explained that, the wind that is blowing now is the distress which is the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting lives across the globe.


During his discussion he gave further insight into the fact that everyone one distressed and were sailors navigating turbulent waters. The winds of fate were blowing strongly requiring everybody to figure out how best to survive going forward.


Speaking on the tools for taking control of change Wesey highlighted the following four steps:

  • Following trends carefully moving from what is beyond control to managing responses
  • Leaving a state of powerlessness to a state of belief in making a difference
  • Moving from fear to faith
  • Moving from glumness to possibilities

If all these tools are used carefully individuals and organisations can move from uncertainty to opportunities which would take charge of change.


He also highlighted the need to take control of change to identify ourselves

  • Things I must accept [ I can't change/ beyond my control]  
  • Things I can negotiate[ I can influence] what can we do in other to find a way to generate income
  • Things totally at my/ team control

According to Wesey, individuals should think about volunteering, should be sensitive to opportunities that are available, to create the value people want to bring to the table and the need to remain humble about offerings, and most importantly, to understand organizations to pitch.


Wesey concluded that, the inspiration for the discussion was to let people know that there is a new and brighter future ahead. The past is gone, the future is bright and Nigerians need to take steps to make the future come through.

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