Air Liquide Plc Starts Trading on the OTC Market



Sunday September 11, 2016 1:10pm /NASD Plc

The securities of Air Liquide Plc have been admitted to trade on the NASD OTC market. The company’s securities were introduced by Anchoria Investment Limited and are identified with the security code SDAIRLIQ.

Air Liquide Plc has issued and fully paid up 180 million ordinary shares at a nominal value of 0.50 per share. The entry price is 4.89 per share.

All participating Institutions are expected to notify their clients of this development. The Secretaries/Registrar is Marina Nominees Limited and demateralisation can start immediately.  

New Authorised Traders Admitted to NASD OTC Market


We are pleased to welcome the two (2) Authorised Traders who have completed their induction during the course of the week. 

The individuals have completed their membership requirements with the NASD OTC and are eligible to trade any of the 31 securities on the OTC Market. This brings the total number of Authorised Traders on the OTC Market to

We wish them successful trading on the NASD OTC platform

As at Friday, 9 September 2016, the index closed at 614.09 points (down 4.82% on previous close of 645.21 points).  

Top 5 Trading Securities 2016 (YTD-09 September 2016) 


PI Activity - For the Week Ended 09 September 2016 

Market in Numbers (YTD – 09 September 2016)


Macro-Economic Indicators 09-September -2016


Closing Prices As At 09 September 2016


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