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Making Financial Boxes Disappear in an Era of Uncertainty 

Stock markets have brought tears to the eyes of investors in 2018. The problems have not exactly been that of the markets themselves as it has been one of the global and local challenges facing diverse economies. Nigeria has seen its economy grow by a laggard +1.81% in Q3 2018 as budget deficit has risen to -5.1% of collected revenue. This has resulted in two difficult developments:


  1. Public sector resort to the capital market to bridge funding gaps has driven up the local cost of funds to private borrowers. This has reduced production (recent PMI for January 2019 was 58% down from 61% in December 2018) and employment (unemployment figures for December 2018 was 23.1%). The production and retail sector growth declines translated into a drag on stock prices and a fall in Market Indexes across traded securities.


  1. A rise in money market interest rates and increases in monetary policy rates in Europe and America has led global money and equity investors to rebalance portfolios and adopt a less aggressive approach to equity markets as money market instruments begin to spike. Indeed net asset values (NAVs) of mutual funds in Nigeria have seen values rise significantly for money market mutual funds and dip for equity-based funds. Fixed and mixed income mutual funds have had a modestly unsuccessful time attracting superior returns.


Graph 1: Nigeria’s Fiscal Deficit as % of GDP Ratio 2008-2017

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Source: National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)



The emerging global financial ecosystem is, therefore, laying a sledgehammer to past barriers to entry and exit across markets. Not only are foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) determining the swings in advance economies they are equally shaping movements in emerging markets, therefore, the good old days where market information reliability and timeliness were of limited concern are over. Today information is as central to the lives of markets as blood is to the sustenance of life. In the new ecosystem, quality and speed of information are at the heart of proper assets valuation and arbitrage strategies. The Lords of the market are no longer those with the biggest-sized portfolios but those with the fastest and smartest access to qualitative and actionable market intelligence. 

Thinking outside the box was a brilliant management and portfolio strategy a decade past, but in the new financial world of digitally-modified and tactically-impatient markets, the box has disappeared. Information is an actionable variable that determines whether people will lose or win in the new financial landscape. Money, of course, remains important to potential investment yields, but its potency as an investment factor has been tempered by the power of information that runs on steroids, as it zipping down telephone lines, sizzling through binary codes and whizzing past analogue machines tearing holes in the pockets of the slow and piling cash into the wallets of the fast and clever. 

New asset trading floors are increasingly providing investors an opportunity to deepen and widen investment portfolios. Competition amongst the different tradeable securities markets is making asset pricing more efficient and reliable as investors are no longer restricted to the imperial monopoly of one market or one set of asset classes. 


Chart 1: Technology-Market Evolution Matrix-NASD Report -Proshare

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The New Imperatives 

The borderless investment world that is increasingly emerging has created previously unthinkable opportunities for markets such as the NASD OTC.  But sustainability must still require:


  • Close oversight and fast information-sensitive pricing
  • High standards of Corporate integrity and transparency
  • Innovativeness and creativity in listing investible asset classes
  • Fast and reliable intraday market broadcast
  • Regular engagement between market regulator and investors
  • A robust digital platform that makes trading easy and convenient especially through handheld devices such as android telephones
  • The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maintain relationship between the investor and the market, with market information tailored to the specific investment orientation of the investor e.g. passive, aggressive or ambivalent.


Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow 

Investors only see yield and risks not borders or nations. Money and capital markets are one big alphabet soup of winners and losers. Yesterday the names and sizes of countries and continents were crucial to investor interest, but today and definitely tomorrow investors are more squarely hooked on yields and risks. The number of green plusses relative to red minuses regardless of continent or country will decide where the big bucks go. 

It is this context that the engagement with investors is crucial to market success. Expanded and timely Information dissemination on the NASD OTC is not a me-too exercise in ego-tripping; it is an imperative shift towards meeting the market of the present and future at their critical touch points; it separates a market with big aspirations for sustained growth from one with a small appetite for the future and a willingness to disappear into the twilight of investment martyrdom.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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