Technology and The OTC Market


Monday, June 13, 2016 1:06PM /NASD OTC

Technological advancements have provided the Nigerian Capital Market with solutions to ease the trading of capital market instruments, ensuring that our banking systems are on par with the most advanced on an international basis. To advance as an economy, it will be worthwhile to invest in an industry that acts as a catalyst of change in the business operations of the capital market.

The Technological industry is one of the five industry segments presently trading on the OTC Market and also represents the smallest industry out of the twenty-seven (27) admitted securities. The NASD OTC Market currently has two securities trading under the Technology sector; they are Resourcery Plc and Swap Technologies and Telecomms Plc. The securities of both companies were introduced in 2013.

All registered Brokers and Broker/Dealers can introduce new securities in this sector by filling and submitting NASD Form 3, accessible from the following link: NASDNG

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