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Thursday, March 29, 2018 /6:30 PM / NASD Plc

Q1 2018  Review: Growth in Value & Volume of Securities Trade ... as CSCS Plc leads transactions by Value & Volume!
NASD is pleased to report growth in trading activities on the OTC Market in the first quarter of 2018. This growth was fueled by a 112% increase in Value (from N1.61 billion in Q1 2017 to N3.59 billion in Q1 2018) , and 45% increase in volume (from 239.93 million units in Q1 2017 to 351.96 million units in Q1 2018) of securities traded on the Market in the quarter. 

Central Securities Clearing System Plc. led the market by volume traded, as investors traded 218 million units of its shares in 180 deals, while Afriland Properties Plc. followed by  transactions in 67 million units in 49 deals. 

Central Securities Clearing System Plc. also led the market by value traded, trading shares worth N1.8 billion, as Niger Delta Exploration & Production Plc comes in second place with transactions worth N1.09 billion.

NASD OTC Securities Exchange continues to play a leading role in creating liquidity for shareholders... 

Afriland Properties Plc. Presents Strong Report Card.
This week, Afriland Properties Plc (SDAFRILAND) held its 5th Annual General Meeting (AGM) to present the 2017 Performance Report card to her shareholders. The Company reported an increase in performance metrics, such as an 11% increase in Revenue (from 1.1 billion in 2016 to 1.3 billion in 2017) and a 233% growth in Profit after Tax to 1.02 billion, from 307 million reported in 2016.

The Company also secured approval from its shareholders to pay
137.39 million as dividends, translating to 10kobo per ordinary share held by each shareholder.

Afriland Properties Plc. was introduced to the NASD OTC Market by APT Securities & Fund Limited by way of Security Admission. In its 3 years since admission to the Market, shareholders have traded 111.93 million units of shares worth
310 million in 1,804 deals.

In addition to the income return, shareholders also receive a price return on their investment as SDAFRILAND has returned 20% year-to-date (YTD).

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The Week in Review
The NASD OTC Market ends the week in with an increase in market metrics, as the NASD USI increased by  0.15%, closing at 663.82 points (as against 662.80 points last Friday). Consequently, total market capitalisation gained 0.15% this week, closing higher at 449.23 billion compared to 448.53 billion last Friday. 

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First Review Of NASD OTC Securities To Hold In April 2018 
Last year, we commenced a classification of NASD OTC admitted securities into categories that reflect the level of financial disclosure, adherence to corporate governance standards, dematerialisation of shares and liquidity of the 36 securities trading on the OTC Market. At the end of this exercise, Twelve (12) Securities were ranked in the Blue CategoryEight (8) in the Pink Category, and Fifteen (15) were in the Red Category.

In line with efforts to promote transparency, NASD will conduct a first review of all securities on the OTC Market on 
Friday, 27 April 2018. This review will update the categorisation rankings in response to changes in compliance levels.

We believe that this service will enhance transparency on the inherent value in such companies, improve levels of investor confidence and also, improve activities on the OTC Market.

Trade Summary
NASD OTC Securities Exchange currently trades Equity and Bonds. Of the 36 securities admitted to trade on the OTC Market, Friesland Campina Wamco Nigeria PLC both led the market by volume and value.

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Top Performing Participating Institutions 
Our community consists of 233 Authorised Traders, representing 129 Participating Institutions..

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Market in Numbers (YTD)
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Macroeconomic Indicators 
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