British Airways Promises Nigerian Travelers A lot More......

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Friday, February 26, 2016 7:00PM / News

Over the years British Airways has enjoyed loyalty and commendable patronage from Nigerians as their largest African market. As they mark 80 years of flying the Nigerian airspace, British Airways promises to engage in activities that foster its long standing relationship with Nigeria by leading in innovation and safety, in addition to providing world class services, building successful partnerships and supporting the local communities.

When it comes to traveling across the globe British Airways is one of the best airlines you can rely on for comfort and safety. Traveling on British Airways Club World is definitely the most convenient way to go as it offers a blend of luxury and comfort at an affordable rate. Some of the features of the Club World include an opportunity to check in up to 3 luggages, provision of a fast track service, priority boarding, luxury treats at British Airways lounges worldwide and a lot more.

With British Airways, you fly in some of the world’s best aircrafts with very courteous and pleasant cabin crew as you are being treated to a variety of delicious meals and finest wine throughout your journey. With over £5bn investment in fleet, British Airways acknowledges Nigeria as its largest African market and promises to continue to deliver exceptional services.


Mr. Paolo De Renzis, Head of Sales for Middle East, Central Africa and Asia, also promised that “the international crew would be visiting Nigeria in March 2016 to continue to foster existing relationship between Nigeria and Great Britain. In 2016, we will take delivery of 11 new 787-9s and the final two A380s. In 2017, we receive one 787-8. During 2018, the final five 787-9s and we will begin to take delivery of the new A350s, A320 NEOs and A321 NEOs. All 13 of the A320NEOs and seven of the A321NEOs will have been delivered by the end of 2019, and the 18 A350s set to join the fleet will be with the airlines by the end of 2021. The 12 787-10s on order will also arrive between 2019 and 2021”.

Hosting a team of Nigerian travel correspondents in London, Mr. Kola Olayinka, Regional Commercial Manager for West Africa said “British Airways feels positive about Nigeria as it is their best African market in terms of the numbers and loyalty. Despite recent economic realities British Airways continues to rise above its challenges to impact lives by sponsoring scholarships, rebuilding schools and providing basic amenities for local communities and encouraging women in aviation”.

Though a trained Economist, Mr. Colin Donaldson has been a pilot at British Airways for 20 years and 14 years as captain. He rates British Airways as one of the best places to work explaining how he was nurtured on the job and how much he enjoys flying the airbus. He has flown to several countries of the world and believes that British Airways is the safest airline in the world.

British Airways offers Nigerian travelers a more convenient way to fly with the introduction of Boeing 787–9 dreamliners and its brand new first cabin designed around the customer with extra storage space, more comfortable seating, adjustable mood lighting and a larger 23 inch in-flight entertainment screen loaded with A-list Hollywood movies. British Airways' has welcomed 14 787 Boeing Dreamliners into its fleet so far, and has a further 28 on order for future delivery and offers even more rewarding trips for frequent users.

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