NOTN Launches Process of Preparation of a 21st Century Trade Policy for Nigeria


Thursday, August 30, 2018 / 04:12 PM / National Office for Trade Negotiations                                

Nation-Wide Call For Inputs

The Nigerian Office for Trade Negotiations (NOTN), Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, hereby launches the process for the preparation of, “A 21st Century Trade Policy for Nigeria – A Welfare and Prosperity Trade Agenda that Works for All".

Inputs are invited from all Stakeholders - Public and Private. A 21st Century Trade Policy for Nigeria is in accordance with Mr. President's priority on the economy, for growth, job creation and expanding prosperity to all Nigerians.

The process for preparing an updated Trade Policy for Nigeria is transparent and nation-wide. The public and all stakeholders are invited to submit inputs no later than 30 September 201 8, to:;  and,;  Inputs are invited, but not limited to the core areas identified hereunder:

·         Trade Policy, Foreign Policy and National Security;

·         Trade, Competitiveness and Rules-Based Safeguards;

·        Trade and Companion Policies (Enabling Environment for Business, Industrial Policy, Technology and the spectrum of Regulatory Policies);

·         Trade in Services;

·         Trade in Goods;

·   Trade in the “Knowledge Economy”: Digital Economy and Data, Intellectual Property and Innovation;

·         Trade and Investment Facilitation and Global Value Chains;

·         Informal Economy Trade / Micro- Small and Medium Enterprises;

·         Empowerment of Women in Trade;

·         Standards and Quality Infrastructure;

·         Trade Capacity-Building and Training;

·         Institutional Framework for the Management of Trade Policy;

·         Trade Remedy and Trade Dispute Settlement; and.

·         Monitoring, Review and Evaluation.


3. The process of preparing “A 21st Century Trade Policy for Nigeria – A Welfare and Prosperity Trade Agenda that Works for All", will build, inter alia, on the results and issues identified from the nation-wide Stakeholder sensitization and consultation on the Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).


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