Africa Rising: 3rd Edition of AWR Executive Summit on Africa Holds January 16, 2017, Switzerland.


Tuesday, December 06, 2016 3.15PM / AWR 


The African Wealth Report (AWR) has announced the 3rd edition of AWR Executive Summit on Africa which takes place on the 16th January 2017 at the Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne Switzerland. 

This is Africa’s shining moment! A period of stability and dynamism. Suppressing decades of economic depression, despair and dislocation as a result of socio-political upheavals, the time to take control of our destiny through purposeful leadership and foresight has come. Really it is a new dawn for the African people, her economy and development.

The theme of this year’s event is aimed at focussing on success stories achieved over the years and the need to further stimulate developmental efforts through investment in agriculture, infrastructure, and electricity. 

Since the decline in oil price regime, a reconfiguration of Africa’s socio-economic path is on course. Of course, the impact of the shock affected the continent’s powerhouses- Nigeria and South Africa. Though Africa’s GDP is still hovering around 5%+ it could grow whilst diversifying into other key economic drivers-Agriculture and other alternatives including Entertainment and Creative industry.  

A New Integrated Vision!

With the launch of the African Union Passport the continent is set to increase major economic boost. A liberalization and sustainable growth in Africa’s economic sphere will usher in prosperity, as trade will flourish within its borders. What EU could not achieve in its economic integration as a result of BREXIT could be the strength of Africa’s new trade pacts. A steady GDP growth is envisaged and further growth is imminent as the frontier market soars.  

The Executive Summit Africa AWR-BLACKPACE Executive Summit Africa 2017 will be held at the Beau Rivage Palace – Switzerland. It is geared towards promoting Africa's emerging wealth, investment opportunities and economic empowerment through discourse, dialogue and delivery of key drivers of its huge investment potentials. Using available global tool and top level speakers at the event, AWR-Africa Executive Summit will showcase the best of the continent’s rich economic opportunities to the global world for further growth and sustainability. Core Governance structures, Anti-corruption, corporate policy Organisation and dispensing, risk management and executive development will form part of the high level topics that would be discussed.  

At this one day long event, AWR-BLACKPACE Executive Summit Africa will bring together key players and top policy makers from Africa and Europe to rob minds and learn new ways to advance the fortune of Africa and its people through alignment of ideas. It will also offer the platform for peer review mechanism as well as exchange of ideas for the growth of its economy. The need for more stable and sustainable economic development plan can not be overemphasized.

About AWR
African Wealth Report (AWR) is the premier wealth intelligence and data source for wealth managers and advisors within the wealth management industry in Africa. Providing insightful information for the consumption of the Global Wealth management industry and individuals, it offers unparalleled and unbiased views and trends on the Continent's Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). Its contributors and advisors are well known in the wealth industry. 

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