AfCFTA: Revamping Nigeria's Infrastructure for Global Trade


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The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) could deliver an additional $500 billion worth of economic growth to Africa, a tremendous opportunity for Nigeria to generate jobs and boost foreign exchange earnings. But more export-oriented and more industrialised African economies like Morocco, South Africa and Kenya also pose a big threat to Nigerian firms and jobs. While Nigeria's exports consist overwhelmingly of oil (87%), Morocco's top five exports are Electrical machinery and equipment (18.1%), Vehicles (13%), Fertilizers (9.9%), Clothing accessories (8.3%) and Inorganic chemicals (4.9%), complemented by agriculture exports such as fish, vegetable, fruits and nuts.


The event will be  an interactive conversation between policy makers, exporting conglomerates, SMEs and financiers and investors in infrastructure with a view to generating ideas on new ways to build, finance and maintain export-critical infrastructure. It will underscore the potential of infrastructure related policy reforms to diversify and boost Nigeria's exports, create jobs and reduce poverty.


Attendees have the opportunity to send questions to the panelists ahead of the event about a range of topics related to the AfCFTA and how soft and hard export-related infrastructure affect Nigeria's capacity for local, continental and global trade.



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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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