Why You Should Consider an Investment in 5G Stocks


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In the era of smartphones and smart devices, better internet connectivity and data latency has proven to be a certified basic need. By the end of 2010 the 'technosphere' was buzzing with the arrival of 4G but it's obvious improvement of data service is still yet to be fully explored in certain parts of the world.

The impending arrival of 5G on the scene is therefore great news to consumers. It is a resource for the future and is tipped to become a mainstay of future developments.

Most people who jumped on investments in on the P.C and early internet rave turned into millionaires and billionaires. Perhaps investing in one of the best 5G stocks may be your pathway to such millions too.

Don't take my word for it though, here are a few telling reasons why 5G is so important.


5G will bring strong Competition to ISP's

The sheer speed of the 5G wireless will bring strong Competition to the internet service providers (ISP's) who have serviced residential and commercial areas with high-speed broadband internet for years.

According to a study released by the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The number of households that lacked access to a broadband provider that could offer at least a 25Mbps were over 10 million. 

With the actualization of 5G such locations will have access to at least the same speed broadband offers and in many cases faster speed. The fact that 5G is wireless and comes without the burden associated with broadband connections makes it easily preferable. This is bound to skyrocket the demand for 5G when it's fully on scene.

An avid investor should keep an eye on this as it is an indicator that 5G stocks may be the way to go.


5G is the future of the internet of things

The world is changing and fast too. The aspirations of governments and businesses are fast moving towards smarter and faster way of doing things and attaining productivity.

This is seen in the increased endorsement and adoption of IoT to enable the cutting-edge innovations that are on the threshold of civilization.

From the self-driving cars powered by Tesla, to the aspirations of smart cities being talked up by Telensa amongst a list of others, to VR and mobile payments, all these systems will require high-speed connections to perform at their optimum level. This is where 5G wireless comes in as a seamless solution.


Top Stocks for Investing in 5G

There are a good number of reasonably best 5G stocks to buy, however, in this article we will share only 5 best 5G stocks. These stocks offer investors some of the best opportunities for investment.

Here are the 5 leading stocks;

Apple: Apple stocks are included amongst the best 5G stocks and this is no surprise. Apple has consistently been a Leader in the manufacturing of smartphones and wearables.

China Mobile: China mobile has been rated as the largest telecommunications company in the world. This is clear with an estimated 900 million subscribers. This alone makes it stand out as a solid stock.

Cisco Systems: Cisco is a proven solution provider for connecting devices, analyzing data, and cybersecurity. These services are very vital in a 5G world.

Corning: Corning is the world's leading manufacturer of optical fiber. Optical fiber is perhaps the most fundamental material for pioneering the 5G revolution.

Mastercard:Mastercard has become a symbol of the cashless economy. Ensuring that mobile payments are seamless. The presence of 5G will necessitate more digital payments and this makes Mastercard very valuable to the process.

While the world awaits the release of the first 5G phones which Apple predicts to come around 2020. It may be time to get proactive with your investment.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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