Nigerian Online Trading Portals Ranking Report:5 Takeaways


Friday, August 31, 2018 7.00PM / Proshare WebTV


Proshare Nigeria’s leading financial information and market intelligence hub, yesterday released the 2018 edition of the Nigerian Online Portal Ranking Report. 

In this article we highlight five (5) takeaways from what has become one of the incisive capital market ecosystem reports in the country.

Expansion of  its Scope

The 2018 Nigerian Online Portal Ranking report is an improvement from the 2016  and 2017  editions, because it expanded its scope to cover the five key segments of the Proshare markets, namely;

1.Equities-Listed and Unlisted
2.Fixed Income
4.Commodities and

5.Mutual Funds


Fourth Edition of a Transparent Online Trading Survey

One of the key values of any capital market ecosystem online survey is transparency, which Proshare markets has deployed diligently in the last three editions of Online trading portal. 

This is what it will continue to uphold to boost investor confidence and encourage innovation and improved services from operators in the market.

Greenwich MyTradebook- CMO Leader

Greenwich Trust emerged the leader for the capital market operators,  by coming out first in the survey covering the following indicators; 

1.       Technology-Speed of Execution

2.      Technology-Accessibility on Mobile

3.       Broker Service-Customer Service/ Expectation

4.       Broker Service-Cusomer Service Responsiveness

5.      Service Delivery-Customer Conversion Rate


EGM- The FX Online Trading  Leaders

Eagle Global Markets were the leaders from the FX Trading platform survey of the 2018 Online Trading Portal Ranking Report, in the following areas;


1.       Technology-Speed of Execution

2.      Technology-Accessibility on Mobile

3.      Customer Service/Expectation

4.      Customer Service Responsiveness


A Bright Prospect for More Participation from CMOs

With four editions of the Nigerian Online Trading Portal ranking, the outlook is great for deepening the fintech ecosytem and a tech driven capital market, that reaches out to a wider range of retail investors in Nigeria.

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