Netcore Solutions hosts forum on Maximizing Marketing Moments, harps on “Accretion Marketing”


Friday, June 23, 2017 6.00pm/ Proshare WebTV

Nigerian brands have been advised to lay more emphasis and focus on “Accretion Marketing” in their customer engagement and service delivery.

The Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Netcore Solutions Mr. Abithab Bhaskar said this as the keynote speaker at the Netcore solutions powered forum on “Maximizing Marketing Moments” for Nigerian brands in Lagos.

Mr. Bhaskar in his presentation shared that “50% of companies today focus on acquisition marketing, while 20% of companies give priority to accretion marketing”.

According to him Accretion Marketing is geared towards increasing the customer lifetime value, through constant engagement and building real-time experiences.

Speaking further Bhaskar noted that Accretion marketing provided an opportunity for creating personalized experiences, which is critical while communicating with customers.

Assessing the opportunities for Digital marketing and customer engagement in Nigeria, Bhaskar said the country had strong prospects with 150 million mobile users, 97 million online users, 51% internet penetration and 81% mobile internet usage rate.

He highlighted the benefits of Accretion Marketing from a Single platform which will help brands build a unified view of customers, optimizing the customer journey, creating innovative and contextual content and measuring success rates.

Bhaskar was of the view that despite the highly-competitive business environment, brands that prioritize “Accretion Marketing” through website and mobile app browsing data, transaction and demographic data are the ones who will survive in the market.

Giving further insight the Indian executive asserted that Accretion Marketing offered great opportunities for companies, to maximizing marketing moments and build an omni-channel experience on web/app and other channels of communication.

In terms of tools, Bhaskar said Netcore has a robust solution through its “ Smartech Marketing Automation” process that can enable brands improve the customer relationship management. 

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