NSACC Breakfast: Why Nigerians Businesses need to embrace Digital Technology


Thursday, May 24, 2018 4.00PM / Proshare WebTV


With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution driven by digital technology, nations and corporations across the globe are seeking to reposition themselves to utilize the opportunities that come with the “Digi-tech” era. 

Nigeria is not left out in this phase as the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber of Commerce May breakfast focused on the topic of discourse “Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation” with Mr Bola Adegbomire CEO, Lemuel Technologies as guest speaker. 

Mr Adegbomire in his presentation asserted that Nigerian companies need to become “Digital Masters” by using digital technologies to drive significantly higher levels of profit, productivity and performance. 

He stressed that businesses must strive to attain “Digital Mastery”, by driving a strong overarching digital vision, ensuring excellent governance across silos, encouraging digital initiatives that generate business value and entrenching a strong digital culture. 

Speaking further Mr Adegbomire shared that “customer experience” should constitute one of the key components of the digital transformation. 

Adegbomire said digital transformation can improve customer experience by increasing the reach and engagement where it matters through new digital channels, seamless convergence between digital & physical experiences and continuous innovation that will open up new possibilities. 

In the area of “Core Operations” the Lemuel Tech CEO made a strong case for businesses to identify bottlenecks & inefficiencies in their processes, considering if new digital technologies can help rethink the operations. 

For Business models, the keynote speaker charged businesses to rethink their value proposition to meet new needs and be a step ahead of disruptions in the digital age. 

Digital leadership according to Adegbomire was vital for businesses in the country, because it has the ability of turning digital investments into digital advantage. 

Looking at the governance space, he called on businesses to consider which digital decisions must be governed at the highest levels and which ones can be devolved to the lowest levels.

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