How To Use WhatsApp In Nigeria For Growing Small Businesses?


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WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that is used by billions of users from all across the world. In addition to providing the users with a platform for staying connected, WhatsApp is also helping businesses all across the globe to grow. Nigeria has joined the trajectory and the growth of WhatsApp is visible in the country. In fact, WhatsApp is used more in comparison to Facebook by African countries. 


The e-commerce startups and traditional retailers of Nigeria are particularly using WhatsApp to reach their customers through WhatsApp groups and broadcast lists. WhatsApp Business is making it easier for business owners to create business profiles and further, it has provided essential tools to them in the form of greeting messages, quick replies and away messages. The customer does not need to have any new app for receiving messages from the WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business is helping small businesses to grow. 


According to data from Statista, 2021, 93% of the social media users of Nigeria are on WhatsApp which accounts for 30.69 million people. Also, it is possible to send messages to 10,000 customers using WhatsApp. The messaging platform is already used by businesses like Fidelity, UBA and DSTV for increasing engagement with the customers.


How Small Businesses in Nigeria Can Use WhatsApp For Their Growth?


WhatsApp can be used for growth by small businesses in the following ways:


1. For Showcasing Products and Services

Whether the small businesses sell products or services, WhatsApp can be used to showcase both their products and services directly in the message section of the app or through status. For instance, a photographer can showcase their work by showing the customers the portfolio of Sexy Photos that they have captured. An author can engage with the readers by showcasing the work by sharing statuses related to Love Status or snippets from their upcoming books.


2. Customer-Service 

Real-time customer service improves the user experience of the customer if they are facing any problems. With WhatsApp, it becomes possible to provide such customer service in a much easier way. WhatsApp can be used to address the queries of the customers quickly. Further, WhatsApp supports a wide variety of media formats like audio, text and video which can be used for enhancing the user experience. 


3. Feedback 

Gone are the days, when customers used to provide their feedback through telephonic conversation. Now no one prefers such calls which are often marked as spam. WhatsApp, on the other hand, provides a safe way to collect feedback from customers. One can seek feedback through customers by generating questions and providing the options for it too. The answers received can then be used for marketing research to improve the product and service.




4. To Add a Personal Touch 

For the growth of any business, the personal touch is important as it creates an emotional bond between the customers and the companies and this is also helpful in creating brand loyalty. WhatsApp can be used for creating that personal touch with the customers. On the basis of the requirement, customization in the interaction can be done too. 


5. For Expanding Customer Base 

A business can expand its customer base by creating groups and targeting the customers to sell its products and services. The best part of such engagement is that the customers often will be sharing your messages with other potential customers outside the group. However, it needs to be noted that such groups need to be used carefully and should not be used to spam the customers and this can irritate them. Use it only for sharing information content by analyzing the customers correctly. 


In addition to that, WhatsApp can also be used for providing the customers with a demo explaining how to use your products and services. Further, it can be used for sharing promotional codes and for informing the customers about flash sales. WhatsApp Business can also be used for providing giveaways to the customers and the information on the same can be shared both through statuses and direct messages and of course, WhatsApp can also be used to collaborate with influencers who can help you to promote your business. The sky's the only limit to using WhatsApp for expanding the business in a creative way.

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