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How Technology is Impacting Business Models


Thursday, August 30, 2017 12:00PM / Proshare Business & Market

As businesses look towards increasing efficiency and productivity, the solutions that quickly come to the fore is the use of technology since it has fundamentally altered the way we produce, consume and communicate with one another.  This is largely because “we are the beginning of a global transformation that is characterized by the convergence of digital, physical and biological technologies in ways that are changing both the world around us and our very idea of what it means to be human”. (Adapted from Klaus Schwab, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2016)

Advances in technological innovations and the need for businesses to thrive in the new age have thus made it paramount for new businesses to have technology plans; while existing businesses tend towards developing strategies to incorporate technology in their processes and performance metrics, while training and encouraging their people to learn new skills and adapt to new technology.

We got talking with one of our technology partners and they shared with us some case studies of how African businesses they have worked with in various sectors have used technology to improve their operational efficiency, productivity and customer service delivery.

Banking & Insurance Industry
The Clients wanted to get more accurate and actionable insights into their target customers’ behavior, understand what they expect from the brand, while improving customer satisfaction and driving customer engagement for better experiences. 

Thus, it was necessary to develop an enterprise feedback management platform that could help the client promote customer loyalty, and enable it gain the competitive edge.  

The solution provided was an SMS based solution with real time customer feedback system. The features of this system include: 

·         Multimode Feedback Collection: SMS, Web, Mobile Web, Email & Voice based customer feedback collection channels offer customers their preferred choice of channel and helps receive feedback from more customers.

·         Real Time Sentiment Analysis: All feedback received through all channels in real time is processed for positive / negative sentiment. The automated analysis provides the basis for scoring and lists feedback which needs to be acted upon.

·         Real Time Feedback Score & Comparison: Feedback scores are provided which can be used to measure and rate the customer experience. The scoring leads to measuring & comparing trends and performance for different locations, employees and/ or products.

·         Condition Based Feedback Routing: Promptly distribute collected feedback and surveys to frontline representatives and managers to chart future course of action, training inputs and course corrections to ensure customer delight stays a priority.

·         Real Time Feedback Response: With real time response to customer feedback, you generate opportunities to convert negative experiences hence negative feedback to a positive one. You get to know your customer's feedback on the experience and let the team respond to it immediately. 

Investor Relations Management
The client - an investment network keen on investing in early stage businesses wanted an application that could extend the existing features of web to mobile for high profile executives. 

The solution provided was an interactive, informative and easy to use application that could accommodate large volume of data and work flow. The features of this solution include 

·         Manage Investment Opportunities: All investment opportunities from various fields are aggregated on the application with insights into the companies seeking funding.

·         Subscription: With this feature, investors can subscribe to invest in a company and also see other members that have subscribed to same and the level of their subscription.

·         Real time Engagement: With the application, companies seeking to invest can easily engage and set up meetings with the companies that require funding. 

Health Care
The Client – an hospital wanted to automate its operations in order to ensure seamless processes and customer satisfaction. 

The Solution developed was an integrated Hospital Management System which covers various segments of the hospitals operations to meet their day to day activities. The features of the solution include: 

·         IPD Management: This feature provides complete implementation of the process flow from patient registration to discharge and billing.

·         OPD Management: This feature ensures a seamless flow of Patient appointments and treatment process which covers registration, managing diagnostic test, medical history, transfer, reports, and billing.

·         Shift Management: Through this section, authorized users can assign duties to hospital staff on weekly basis for hospital shifts. This allows for easy staff management and performance reporting. 

The Client - a university in Africa, wanted a system through which it could mange its operations. 

The solution provided was a College ERP which manages a large number of courses and students spread across a number of Campuses operating under one flagship. The solution is governed by a centralized ERP system, using which the college administrators can track and control each and every activity. The centralized system offers features such as Student Information System, Faculty Management/Scheduling System, Payroll Management System, Inventory Management System, HR, Fixed Asset Management, Accounting and Budgeting and more. 

Another solution that was developed is the Learning Management System. This system, enabled the university provide education in remote areas thereby increasing the literacy rate and overcoming the challenge of lack of educational infrastructure in remote places. A major benefit of this was that it provided access to education courses from universities so that students are benefited with the knowledge as much as the regular campus students do.  

Government agencies have also not been left out as they continue to see options through which systems can be put in place to enhance their public service. Some solutions developed include: 

An e-Procurement solution developed to reduce the procurement cycle time and indirect costs associated with public procurements. The solution was surgically customized to suit government requirements from Intent generation to RFQ management to procurement completion. Salient features include Electronic Tendering Solution, Bids Management, E-Auctions, Supplier Management, RFQ Management, Payment Gateway Integrations and Purchasing. 

Another was a Human Resource Management System which includes features such as employee profile, service book, leaves, department promotions, manpower deployment, transfer etc. The solution provides Dashboards, Analytics and Reports for monitoring and facilitates end-to-end view of various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and processes and complete transfer management. One of the best features about the solution is its interoperability with already running solutions like Store & Purchase, Finance and Payroll Management etc. 

For more insights on these solutions or any digital and technology related solutions ranging from Website designing and Development, E-Commerce Designing and development, Software development, Digital Brand Development, Mobile Apps Designing and Development to Startup Consulting and Nurturing; kindly email or call 0700PROSHARE (070077674273)  

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