HP Wolf Pro Security: Simplified Security Management for your Organization


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Over 80% of home office routers found to be vulnerable to potential cyberattacks; over 90% of malware was found to be delivered via email. Malware continues to pose a significant threat to computer security for individuals and businesses alike. Traditional antivirus is essential, but it relies on recognizing known malware or suspicious patterns, which may not be enough to defeat new or very sophisticated malware attacks.


Protect your PC from the malware that lurks on malicious websites or hides in shared files. HP Wolf Pro Security Edition comprises three layers of security protection; it provides threat containment, malware prevention, and identity protection in a single, easy-to-use configuration. Triple-protection is achieved by combining hypervisor-based threat containment, next-generation AI malware protection, and anti-phishing in a single package.


The offering is pre-configured and optimized for SMBs or offices without dedicated IT management. HP Wolf Pro Security Edition begins protecting your PC immediately after user registration. IT support is not required, but if your office grows, essential manageability tools are supported. HP support is included with HP Wolf Pro Security Edition to help get the most from your new, powerful security software. A simple desktop console presents settings, features, and security threat-reporting. This allows you to view how HP Wolf Pro Security Edition protects you by identifying the filetypes and websites with wrongful intentions toward your PC. Security is activated after you power on your PC for the first time and register the product. HP Wolf Pro Security Edition manages background updates, quarantines malicious files, and protects your browsing experience.



Help Protect Your Organization with a Multi-Layered Endpoint Security Service 

Defend against cyber-attacks without disrupting employee productivity or increasing IT's workload with HP Wolf Pro Security Service, an endpoint protection security solution with industry-certified expertise. You can stop known and unknown cybersecurity threats from breaching your endpoints, reinforcing proactive protection layers that use enterprise-grade isolation and advanced NGAV with deep learning technologies.


A protection-first approach Stop zero-day attacks with a multi-layered defence that combines advanced, next-generation antivirus based on the latest AI techniques like deep learning with isolation technologies to protect your company's data, devices, and employee credentials.

  • Enterprise-grade defence Defend against undetectable threats with enterprise-grade isolation technology that's trusted by government agencies around the globe and has been adapted for ease of use by organizations in need of additional security expertise.
  • Identity protection Help prevent password theft by alerting and blocking users from sharing login details on known malicious and low-reputation websites.


Simplified Security Management

Get comprehensive, worry-free endpoint security management, including actionable insights, without the need for in-house expertise. HP Security Experts free IT to work on strategic projects. Comprehensive and worry-free solution management Let certified HP Security Experts monitor and manage your endpoint security posture and free your IT resources to focus on strategic projects that benefit your business.

  • Expertly managed by certified security professionals as a managed cloud service, certified HP Security Experts provide ongoing management of the solution to help protect against future attacks with device protection status monitoring, forensic threat intelligence, and analysis.
  • Timely and actionable analytics and insights Monitor the security of your endpoint device fleet through the HP Wolf Security Controller with real-time alerts and insights on attempted threats.



Keep Employees Productive

Empower employee productivity with transparent protection for the applications they prefer, without restrictions or fear of compromising their data, passwords, or network.

  • Invisible layers of protection Help protect employees from cyberthreats without creating barriers to their daily productivity, with transparent protection that works behind the scenes.
  • Freedom to work uninterrupted Give employees the freedom to work unrestricted with full functionality to read securely, edit, save and print Microsoft Office and PDF documents.


See why you should support your small to medium-sized business with powerful security from HP HERE

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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