7 Things to Deliberate on Before Fitting a Light Switch


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Homeowners enjoy various benefits including enhanced control plus remote access, minimized energy losses, home automation and so much more benefits, from the installation of smart light switches. However, most times, homeowners are not informed as to the factors that need to be put into consideration, and the process they should adhere to when installing smart light switches.


The following comprises the elements that must be considered before installing a smart light switch. This applies mostly incorporating a smart building lighting system in a house and an office. They are as follows. 


1. Installation Necessitates Extensive Wiring

The installation process of smart switches is difficult. You cannot compare it with further electrical operations such as replacement of light bulbs or additional electrical jobs at home. Smart switch installation comprises extensive wiring. Hence, it means that for you to do the installation, you must have some basic understanding of dealing with electricity, and how to do the connection.


This is important to avoid the occurrence of electricity accidents, which can be fatal. If you have no grasp on light switch fitting, it would be wise to hire the services of an experienced electrician. That way, you will have your smart switches set up without many complexities.


2.   Not All Electrical Wiring is Compatible with a Smart Switch

Given that smart switch technology is a new phenomenon, your electrical wiring could be quite archaic and not up to date. Therefore, your electrical wiring may fail to match with a smart switch. The lack of compatibility could be because of non-copper wiring, or aluminum wiring, which is fatal in the event of an electrical pairing.


Hence, it is vital that you perform a thorough investigation on the wiring system employed in your house, such that you understand the difference between copper, aluminum, knob, plus tube wiring. This will enable you to install smart switches to compatible systems only and avoid incompatible ones.


If your electric system is incompatible, you may need to hire the services of an electrician to replace your old electric wiring with a copper wiring system.


3.  Combination of Smart Switches with Light Bulbs

Smart light switches can pair with normal bulbs. However, in today’s world, smart light switches have great pairing with both smart plus regular bulbs. Hence, the smart switch you select must be capable of transmitting power amongst regular plus smart switches without cutting the power.


4. Voice Activation is an Impeccable Addition to Smart Light Switches

Smart light switches work best when paired with modern technology. One such modern technology is the voice activation systems. The voice activation systems ease life by improving home automation.


The smart light switches with the voice activation make it possible for you to control the smart switches from any place in your home. You should consider talking to an area electrician to confirm the possibility of having a voice-activated structure.


5.   Necessary Connection of the Smart Light Switch to Your Current Light Switch Box 

Most light switch boxes comprise a ground wire that has no direct attachment to the functional light switch. Hence, you have the responsibility of identifying the ground wire prior to the installation of the smart switch. This is necessary as you will require to attach it to your smart light switch.


Also, as a homeowner, you must ensure the present light switch box has sufficient space for fitting the smart switch. in the event of unexpected eventualities such as an already connected ground wire, consider hiring an electrician to check your system before proceeding with any plans.


6. Smart Switches Function Via a Strong Internet Connection

A strong Wi-Fi facilitates the operation of a smart switch. Hence, ensure that you have placed your smart switch strategically during installation, by ensuring that they are close to a strong internet connection. Failure to do so can be very frustrating since it implies you cannot employ your phone or mobile device to control it.

Hence, consider investing in a strong Wi-Fi connection, to ensure ease in operation of the smart switches.


7.   Smart Switches Require Continuous and Regular Updating

The smart switch system requires regular updating to ensure proper and consistent operation. Hence, ensure that you regularly update the smart switch software to guarantee proper and improved performance.



Home and office owners must ponder on the above seven factors when automating their lighting system. Failure to do so can result in a lot of things going wrong, key among them being the failure of the smart lighting system.


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