#Coronanomics: How Tech Businesses Can Sustain Productivity


Thursday, April  02, 2020 / 7:01 PM / Nifemi Taiyese for WebTV / Header Image Credit: Technext



In a recent discussion with WebTV Mr. Zakariyah Jaji, a tech enthusiast, gave his opinions on the global coronavirus pandemic, its opportunities and threats, as they relate to the global new normal for national economies.


He highlighted the major threat to the tech industry to be a dip in revenue as major tech services would be disrupted, but noted that this cuts across other economic sectors.


Jaji, however, pointed out that the opportunities were large as there was now a need to rethink the way tech players traditionally did business, by majorly reviewing the direction of remote work and ensuring that this channel of socioeconomic interaction remains productive.


Speaking on how technology can help to drive businesses amidst the pandemic Jaji stated that throughout history, technology has always come to the aid of humanity.


For him, the COVID-19 pandemic was not different from previous viral-episodes such as Ebola as it provides opportunities for health-tech companies to rise to the occasion with innovative solutions.


The tech maven acknowledged the roles played by channels like Zoom, Slack and Google hangouts in ensuring that critical meetings by businesses and policy makers are still being held and corporate communication remain seamless.


He believed that the COVID-19 era has created the enabler for more investments in relevant technologies that aid remote work and other productive ventures in the country.


"One key infrastructure would be the strength of internet connection and this responsibility would be placed on the telecommunication giants to ensure latency free internet affordable for the Nigerians for productive remote meetings and for students to participate in online learning" he said .


Speaking on the effects of COVID-19 and the global economy, he said the global economy was on a downward spiral with the possibility of a recession.


He warned that if the coronavirus virus continued to spread at a rapid pace, the resultant effect will be massive job losses across major economies.


He tasked Tech firms to innovate around stopping or at least slowing the spread of the virus, through the utilization of  Apps that can show the mappings of where there is a high density of infected people; thereby improving  prevention and also educating people  on how to stay protected.


"For businesses that are not inclined to tech, it would be difficult because even e- commerce would be grounded majorly because of logistics. But the tech ecosystem will skeletally survive as we stick to digital connections" He said.


On the lockdown announced by President Muhammadu Buhari in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun states Jaji believed that businesses can still operate, as they need to constantly reach out to their clients via email channels with constant encouragement as this would help to have detailed information by specifics on clients and how to better serve them once the pandemic is over.


Jaji added "However, during the shutdown certain businesses should take advantage of the opportunity to review their strategy, mission and further develop plans to be implemented as soon as they can get back to being on their feet".

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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