FIRS Grants Waivers on Penalty and Interest on 2013-2015 Tax Liabilities


Wednesday, October 05, 2016 9.27AM / FIRS

As part of the efforts of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, (FIRS) to provide voluntary compliance and shield taxpayers from the burden of carrying forward old tax liabilities arising from penalty and interest, the service wishes to announce as follows:

1.       That the FIRS in exercise of its powers under Section 85 (3) of the Companies Income Tax Act CAP C21 LFN 2007 (as amended) (and replicated in Section 32(3) of the Federal Inland Revenue Service Establishment Act (FIRSEA 2007) hereby invites all principal officers, especially Chairmen, Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Executive and Non-Executive Directors, Chief Financial Officers and all company owners or their representatives to take advantage of a Special Window to avoid payment of penalty and interest on tax between 2013-2015.

2.      That FIRS, by this Public Notice, will grant a pardon stretching back to three years (2013-2015) to ALL TAXPAYERS in default provided that such defaulting taxpayers:


(a)  Come forward to declare their indebtedness within the 45-day window

(b)  Present a payment plan on the outstanding Principal Tax Liability acceptable to the Federal Board of Inland Revenue;


3.       That this Special Window will be opened for 45 days ONLY, commencing from 5th October 2016 terminating 24th November 2016;

 4.       That this waiver relates ONLY to accumulated penalty and interest and not principal tax due;
5.      Based on this waiver, part payment/full payment of undisputed tax liabilities should be  paid, while the balance can be paid instalmentally, however, it is expected that a reasonable amount of not less than 25 per cent should be paid on account;

By this Public Notice, FIRS invites taxpayers who have not been fulfilling their tax obligations to take advantage of this Special Window, failing which all legal means at the disposal of the FIRS will be deployed including criminal prosecution of the Board and Management of defaulting organization.

Applicants who want to take advantage of this Special Window should forward their applications to:

Office of the Executive Chairman
Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS
20 Sokode Crescent
Wuze Zone 5

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