National Holidays 2019: Comparison of Four Countries


Wedneday, June 05, 2019  /  03.30AM  /  Bukola Akinyele and Nifemi Taiyese 


National Holidays serve as opportunities for individuals and families to take out time from work, business and school to relax and refresh. 

Rest is very important for productivity because it takes healthy, sound and fit people to keep economies going. 

Across the globe, nations differ in their dates and choice of National Holidays, which are either religious, symbolic, cultural, historical and political. 

In the infographics below, we highlight the number of National Holidays in four selected countries for comparative analysis. 

The analysis covers the National Holidays for the year 2019

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Sectors That are Active During the National Holidays

Below are sectors that are always on duty during the National holidays, some of them are essential services they include;

·         Media

·         Medical Services

·         Security-Police, Military

·         Intelligence- DSS, NIA

·         Emergency Services-NEMA, State Emergency Management Services, Fire Brigade

·         Traffic Management- FRSC, LASTMA

·         Hospitality-Hotels, Restaurants, Eateries, Guest Houses

·         Transportation/Logistics-NURTW, BRT, Rail Services

·         Aviation- Airlines, Airport Operations

·         Informal Market- Groceries, City Markets

·         Electricity- Power Transmission, Generation and Distribution Company workers


A major takeaway here is that in countries like Nigeria, the National Assembly and the Executive should work together to promote and sign a bill that makes it possible for those essential services that work during National Holidays to be entitled to a reasonable salary and bonus pay while working during the period.


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