Israeli Public Now Able To Participate Digitally In Offerings Of TASE Companies


Friday, August 10, 2018      10.08AM  /  TASE 


The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) announced on 7 August, 2018; that the public will be able to subscribe to offerings, simply and easily. Subscription will be done via a direct link from TASE’s offerings board on the MAYA system directly to the TASE members site, at which the investor keeps his account, and all just by clicking on the “subscribe” button on the offerings board. This is a further measure in the process being implemented by TASE as part of its strategic plan to increase the public’s involvement in trading and corporate offerings, since currently the involvement of the public in Israel is relatively low.


An important means of achieving this objective is to make the relevant information accessible to investors in a clear and simple fashion. To this end, more than six months ago, TASE began presenting orderly and centralized information regarding the anticipated offerings. Such information is presented in an accessible and user-friendly manner and can be found on TASE’s MAYA system, under the “Anticipated Offerings” tab. In the future, investors will be able to also receive a direct alert regarding every update to the open offerings board.


Bank Leumi is the first bank to join and to let its customers subscribe to offerings by direct link from the offerings board on Maya system directly to the bank’s website on which the customer manages his account. Investors will use an identity number for the offering, which is given by TASE and appears on the offerings board, in order to submit subscriptions at the bid stage.


Ittai Ben-Zeev, TASE’s CEO: “We have asked all the TASE members to provide their customers with the opportunity to participate digitally and simply in offerings. We are pleased that the Bank Leumi is the first to take up the gauntlet and, from today, the Bank’s customers will be able to subscribe to offerings of via a direct link from the TASE offerings board to the bank’s website. We are certain that in the near future additional TASE members will join Bank Leumi in this innovative measure, which will benefit their clients as part of our joint goal to increase the general public’s participation in the offerings and trading on TASE and to enhance liquidity”.


For the open offerings board, click here


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