How to Make Short Films Using Android Smartphones


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Do you want to become famous at school? Do you want to gain the respect of friends and fans? Do you want to be a director, actor, professional photographer? Do you want to make short films just for entertainment? If you do not know where to start, making movies on Android may be interesting! You can feel that the smartphones price in UK is getting lower. The performance is getting stronger.

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1.      Get Android smartphones with better cameras. Before you start, you need a clear high-definition quality camera.

2.     Gather a team. Tell your friends about your movie plan. Recruit your members.

3.     Discussion. Let everyone express their ideas for your project. Make sure everyone can share their ideas. Consider the possible story lines and types of the project. For example, action, comedy, survivors, horror movies, etc.

4.     Please plan your movements and main lines before shooting. This will prevent you from causing any confusion or unclear dialogue or actions. You do not have to set up scripts. It helps to make reliable plans. Remember to plan and keep your imagination. The plan you need is the story line (plot), the actor's actions, dialogues, and actions. You need to consider the location of the film and camera. Make sure that credible/interesting dialogues are created. The actors are easy to read so as not to cause any confusion or mistakes.

5.     Find a place to shoot. Ensure that the shooting equipment is not disturbed by any interference. Avoid the intrusion by irrelevant personnel. Please obtain permission from the location or landowner before shooting the film. If you want to make action or parkour movies, make sure the selected location is safe.

6.     Make sure everything is ready. Make sure your actor has remembered the dialogue, actions, actions, etc. Do not force your friends/team members to perform stunts or dangerous actions that they are not satisfied with. Give your members enough time to remember the dialogue.

7.     Start shooting! In this step, start recording your operations. If you encounter any interference or errors, make sure to cut and try again. It may be tricky to start shooting and recording movies from Android. But it will be easier to practice. Make sure your Android is in the right position and angle. During the recording process, always tell the photographer to focus. This is to ensure the result is clear. When trying to switch to a new angle/focus, make sure to pause or stop recording.

8.     Re-shoot as needed. If someone makes a mistake, please start over and try again. Do not give up. If your crew makes a mistake, don't be angry. This is normal. Everyone may make mistakes during the shooting. You need to make sure your film crew pays attention to and takes the film seriously.


9.     After completing everything, replay the captured pictures. Make sure everything goes according to your intentions. If you find any errors, try shooting the specific scene again. You do not have to start the whole movie again, because you can edit different scenes and scenes in the future.


10.  Start editing. You can download any video production tool from Google Play Store. Then search online to make choices (see comments). When you find your favorite movie, you can use it to trim the video and merge different scenes into one movie.

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11.   Add special effects. If you want to place any explosions or any special effects, you can download the FX action movie application from Google Play Store.


12.  Stay active and don't give up! It is not easy to make movies. It may take you several days or more than a month to complete your project. This depends on the scale.

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