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Two Things You Need to Know Before Using Quickbooks


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Quickbooks can be an incredible tool for businesses across a variety of industries. This classic accounting software fills an important role in the medium and small companies it was built to serve. The software was designed and is operated under the company Intuit, which makes a variety of personal and commercial tax and accounting softwares. Quickbooks is one of the flagship products of Intuit’s accounting software line. 

Additionally, it’s is a tool that focuses on clarity and tracking the expenses of many businesses. Many are drawn to Quickbooks’ status as one of the most well known names in the accounting software industry. 

Choosing a business accounting software is an important task. As in any other large business decision, it is essential to truly evaluate the needs of a company when deciding which software to go with. So before selecting Quickbooks for your business immediately, consider these two factors.


Is it Affected by International Operations?

In this rapidly globalizing world international business is no longer a concern for only those at the top. An international identity is practically enforced in the business world through an internet presence. 

Quickbooks software tackles this factor of business in the twenty-first century two major ways. Firstly, the have various software built for different tax systems and markets in the United States of America and differing European countries. These different versions of the tax software account for the varying laws, country specific concerns and other factors of each region while helping businesses track their expenses. 

The second solution Quickbooks devised to remain relevant for international companies is QBO, or Quickbooks Online. The software is commonly referred to as either Q-B-O or Q-Bo, depending on the audience. For many businesses QBO is the primary way they interact with Quickbooks. 

Quickbooks Online can be accessed no matter the location of the company or employee, and has cloud based collaboration accessibility. Meaning that many employees can work together on a form or piece of expense tracking without being in the same room or even same continent, often at the same time. QBO, like the traditional Quickbooks software, can also be enhanced with the use of a certified accountant so that businesses can do work in house or contract out their work with ease.  

However, an important factor to note with Quickbooks is how it handles international business across differing operating systems. Currently, only United States based software can be operated on the Macintosh IOS, whereas all Quickbooks Software regardless of country can be operated on Windows. 

Depending on the business itself that may or may not outweigh other factors. But if this is not a concern then Quickbooks Online and the increasing library of different countries compatible with Quickbooks, makes it a potential match for many international businesses.


How Can Support be Received?

Support operations of any business software are essential. It is inevitable to encounter a problem or a new function a company needs help with at some point. Quickbooks software tackles the idea of needing support in a variety of ways, with the two primary being online forums and licensed accountants that can be brought in to consult on problems or perform business operations. 

It is easy to find accountants with qualifications in Quickbooks. The widespread nature of the software has made it desirable knowledge for many certified public accountants. Just search for “accounting firms in Michigan” for example, and you’ll see a variety of business that pop up and list Quickbooks among their certifications or lists of services they offer. 

The other option for help is of course the Intuit run Quickbooks website itself. Or the array of internet resources dedicated to quickbooks users crowdsourcing solutions. 

All in all, Quickbooks is a fantastic tax software for certain businesses. Every situation is unique and it’s important to evaluate the needs of any individual company before making a large investment and commitment to any business software.


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