12 Technology Trends that Will Change the World in 2020


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The sole mention of 2020 in the headline made you think: it's a strange year. Yup! It challenged us beyond the limits that we didn't know we had.


The situation with COVID -19 had its impact on technology trends. In addition to 2020 technologies that were already on the rise, a few trends are directly associated with the way medics and governments are dealing with the pandemic.


Let's discuss the most prominent new technology trends for 2020. 


We're on an interesting journey, which makes the future of technology more exciting than ever.

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People Will See Surveillance from a Different Perspective

Surveillance has always made us paranoid. When we agree to the terms of an app or a website, we make sure that our privacy is protected. Many apps and sites use our data. But we want to know exactly how it's being used, and we don't want that information to leak.


With the public health crisis imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic, we realize that surveillance can have a positive use. The South Korean government recommended an app that would track people's movement and warn them if they've been in close contact with a person positive to the virus. The app received overwhelmingly positive reviews. It helped epidemiologists to map the contagion and control the spreading in a much more efficient way.


Governments from all around the world are thinking of providing similar apps. Some have already done it. Apple and Google are working on their own contact tracing apps.


The Need for Responsible Data Use Is Even More Enhanced

Yes; many people are willing to share their locations, with the hope to contribute towards the goal to flatten the curve. But most of us are skeptical. How will this data be used? Is surveillance limiting our civil liberties?


Governments must not keep this information. It should solely be used by health officials, with a clear purpose: epidemic mapping. For surveillance tech trends to gain trust among the citizens, we have to pay tons of attention to data confidentiality.


Blockchain Technology Will Grow

Blockchain is not a particularly new technology trend. However, 2020 is an important year for its growth. When we're looking for more secure ways to record transactions, encryption and decentralization are the main factors of protection. That's what makes blockchain technology so important at the moment.


Companies like MasterCard, Walmart, IMB, and FedEx continuously invest in the development of blockchain technology. Since online shopping and home delivery is on the rise with the current situation, this trend has more potential to grow.


Cryptocurrency Driven by Social Media

When Facebook announced its cryptocurrency project Libra, which is planned to be launched in 2020, we became aware how real the crypto trend is.


There is a big difference between this project and the classic blockchain tech trends: Libra will not be decentralized. The Libra Association will de facto serve as a central bank. We'll have to wait and see how this new technology develops. We can only be sure that it will make 2020 a tad more exciting.


Blockchain Is Getting a More Practical Use

We're still in the blockchain department. 2020 technologies will gravitate towards practical use of blockchain. Chainalysis is a great example of a service that puts this technology to practical use and helps financial institutions, cryptocurrency businesses, and governments to engage in cryptocurrency transactions in the safest way possible.


Alibaba Group, China Industrial and Commercial Bank, and other Chinese services got approval to rely on blockchain. IBM introduced an accelerator program that specializes in blockchain. We're seeing a growing number of examples that demystify this technology.


Digital Payment Systems Will Grow in Use

Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and similar services are still in their infancy. But these digital payment systems grow in use, which means that traditional banks are losing part of their market. This leads to a simple conclusion: banks will have to adapt to the technology trends. It's no wonder that Bank of America is already investing in blockchain patents. 


AI Security Is Entering a New Era of Development

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept. However, we're becoming more aware of the security vulnerabilities created by hyper-automation.

The new technology of this type will come with enhanced security defenses. Machine learning will be used to reveal attacks, understand patterns, and automate certain aspects of the cybersecurity department.


3D Printing Is Getting More Important for the Medical Industry

3D printing businesses gained an unusual importance during the times of COVID-19. They are practically saving lives by donating protective visors and nasal swabs for tests to hospitals and labs.

3D printing already had a major role in developing teeth implants and advanced prosthetics. But in this situation, we saw its real importance for medicine and society.


Predictive Medicine

Predictive medicine is one of the most anticipated tech trends for 2020. It's why we've been investing in smartwatches and we've been downloading health apps on our phones. This technology has a real potential to predict health issues based on the data it collects.


We're expecting to see a more personalized approach to the development of predictive medicine. We're not too far from the moment when our family doctors will have access to that data, and they will act on time when they get alerted about any symptoms that we experience.


The Cloud Enters a New Stage of Development

From a user's perspective, the cloud technology sounds pretty straightforward: instead of storing data on their devices, they keep it on the cloud and access it whenever they want to. But where is that data? Most of us think that it's out there somewhere, without realizing that it needs a physical location.

There are several physical data centers. With the distributed cloud technology, data stored on multiple geographic locations is interconnected. In 2020, latency and regulation issues became more important.


Personal Profiling Is on the Rise

We've become one with technology. It's so integrated in our lives that we share every interest with different apps and services.

Businesses and agencies track that data and use it to create a profile of a visitor. When you visit a certain website for the first time, the business can get information about the social media apps that you prefer, the pictures you post, the places you check into, and more. With this, they can offer personalized recommendations.


It sounds scary, which is why data collection has to be put under greater control.


Autonomous Driving

Yes; we're still listing this trend. We've been expecting advancements in this sector for years, and we've been getting them. Tesla has introduced outstanding technology in its vehicles. Elon Musk announced that his company is expected to create a completely autonomous vehicle really soon.

Doesn't that make you excited?


It's a Bright Future

There are understandable concerns related to the growth of technology. But at the same time, we're seeing exciting trends that prove how technology can improve our world.

We live in challenging times. Now, technology is under a test: will it help us to overcome them?


About the Author Bio:
James Dorian is a technical copywriter and editor at
Setapp. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.

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