Here Is How A Mobile Punch Dashboard Can Help You Track Your Employees’ Overtime


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Every person who administrates a business knows that the Federal rules and regulations regarding employment and wage rates are established through the Fair Labour Standard Act. However, each state has the liberty to promote its own rules, as long as it keeps the minimum requirements.


According to the law, every employee who does overtime has the right to receive a higher wage for the hours worked extra every week. Currently, the standard working period is set to 40 hours a week, but many people have to spend more time at their working place for fulfilling tasks.


Since their health and personal life can be affected by this situation, the State says that people who do overtime should receive a wage equal with one and a half of their regular income for every hour which exceeds the legal time. Companies that are willing to stimulate their employees even more can pay double or give other compensations, but it’s up to them.


Overtime Can Be Calculated Fast and Easy

Most employers know the Law and have no intention to exploit their workers. The challenging part comes when they have to calculate the amount of overtime for each employee. It is even more difficult for small businesses where the owner does it all.

Despite the pessimistic way of thinking, there is a solution to every problem. Let’s not forget that we are living in an era where everybody has access to technology. In this particular case, we are talking about cool software and apps which recently appeared.

These tools can help every business owner keep track of his/her employees working time. With its help, you can easily see who did overtime and calculate the wage for all your staff members. Besides, the virtual time tracker is also available as mobile punch dashboard, so you can easily download it on your Android system or Apple device. In this way, you can always follow your employees’ progress with their tasks, see if anyone skips work and make sure that all the team is treated equally when it comes to payment.


These Apps Lower Administrative Costs And Increase Productivity 

Due to the mentioned apps, employees don’t have any reason to think that one of their colleagues receives privileges or skips hours without being noticed. As a result, they become more productive and confident.

Business owner save time, some resources and the money they could have spent to correct any human errors that might have appeared. Also, it’s a lot easier to keep records in case any Labour Department audit comes and wants to check the books.

If you don’t have experience in calculating the wage rate/ regular hour and overtime, you should leave that to an accountant. Also, it is advisable to talk to an attorney and ask about employment and labour rules in your state. Keep it legal and you’ll avoid a huge fine!


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