Q1 2018 Results Summary – 97 Quoted Companies Filed Quarterly Financial Statements


Friday, May 11 2018 /08:03 AM / Proshare Research 

As at May 08, 2018, ninety-seven (97) publicly quoted companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), including seven (7) companies from the Premium Board, eighty-six (86) from the Main Board, and four (4) from the ASeM board, have submitted their Q1 2018 financial performance results. 

A few of the quoted firm applied for an extension of the filing period due to reasons ranging from awaiting industry regulatory approval to completing the audit process on the audited financial statements of such firms. Thus, prompting the delay of the first quarter financial statement. 

It will be recalled that the NSE regulatory filing calendar for quoted companies with March 31 as its first quarter ended period are expected to file their Q1 financial 30 days after the quarter has ended. 

Out of the 97 quoted firms that have filed, financial services sector dominated with thirty (30) companies. Services and Consumer Goods sectors followed closely with fourteen (14) and eleven (11) respectively. Agriculture and Natural Resources recorded the least with two (2) and three (3) companies respectively.

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Table 1: Quoted Companies That Have Filed Their Q1 Results as at May 08, 2018

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Below are the sixty-nine (69) quoted companies that are yet to file their Q1 2018 quarterly statements with the NSE and the latest results available as at the period of reporting.


Table 2: Quoted Companies That Are Yet to File Their Q1 2018 Results as at May 08, 2018 

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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