LEVENTIS Notifies Of Postponement Of Annual General Meeting


Thursday, October 24, 2019 / 11:45 AM / NSE / Header Image Credit: AG Leventis

A.G. Leventis (Nigeria)
 Plc ("AGL" or the "Company") hereby notifies The Nigerian Stock Exchange ("The NSE"), shareholders of the Company and the investing public that AGL has received the approval of the Corporate Affairs Commission ("CAC") to extend the date of its Annual General Meeting ("AGM") no later than 31 March 2020. 

As previously communicated to The NSE and the investing public, the board of directors of AGL ("the Board") received an offer from Boval S.A. acting on behalf of itself, Leventis Holding 9.A., and Leventis Overseas Limited (together, the "Core Shareholders") to acquire the shares held by other shareholders of the Company via a Scheme of Arrangement. Upon due consideration and receipt of the Securities and Exchange Commission's no-objection, the Board has decided to recommend the offer to the shareholders at a meeting to be convened by an order of the Federal High Court, for their approval. 

The Company is yet to hold its AGM as the Board believes that it will be impractical to convene an AGM shortly before the Court-Ordered Meeting, which is expected to hold before the end of the year. In accordance with The NSE rules, the Company has received the approval of the CAC to extend the date of the AGM to no later than 31 March 2020. 

Following the receipt of the Court order convening the shareholders meeting, the date of the Court-Ordered Meeting is 22 November 2019. Subsequent to this, the Company will be in a position to schedule the AGM. The notice of the AGM will be communicated to all shareholders as soon as the date is fixed. 


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