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FIDSON Healthcare Plc will list 1.5billion ordinary shares of 50kobo each at =N=7.50 kobo per share on the Nigerian Stock Exchange tomorrow, June 4, 2008.



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1. Are you aware of a new DIASPORA Fund targetted at helping those in the Diaspora to invest in a Mutual Fund (backed by NIDOE)? We are reviewing the financials and would like to have your comments on what you may know about this.


2. Participate in our INVESTMENT QUESTIONNAIRE and help us present a framework for salary based deductions for investment purposes. here is the question again:


\"My employer gives me the option of having money taken out of my Monthly Salary and putting it in an investment.  Is this a good idea?\"


Send replies providing an \'intelligent analysis of the corporate action, benefits to both parties and possible schemes to invest in - and the published entry will win a blackberry for receiving news and updates from Proshare NI.




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