CHAMPION to Hold 45th AGM on May 20, 2021; Lists Proxies


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Notice ihereby given that the 45th Annual General Meeting of Champion Breweries PLC will be held by proxy on Thursday, 20th May 2021 at Industrial Layout, Aka Offot, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, at 12.00 noon to:


Ordinary Business

1.    Lay before members, the audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2020 and the Directors', Auditors' and Audit Committee's Reports thereon.

2.     Elect/re-elect Directors as maybe applicable.

3.    To appoint Messrs. Deloitte & Touche as External Auditors to the Company effective September 6, 2021 to replace Messrs. KPMG Professional Services who have retired as External Auditors of the Company effective September 5, 2021; and to authorize the Directors to fix the remuneration of the Auditors.

4.      Elect/re-elect shareholders' representatives on the Audit Committee.


B         Special Business

5.     To approve the remuneration of Directors.

6.  To consider and if thought fit, pass the following resolution as an ordinary resolution of the Company;

"That a general mandate be and is hereby given to the Company to enter into recurrent transactions with related parties for the Company's day-to-day operations, including the procurement of goods and services, on normal commercial terms."



1. Proxies

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the attendant directives issued by relevant authorities on physical distancing and a limit on the maximum number of persons at a gathering (not more than 20 persons), Shareholders' attendance at this Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be by Proxy only in accordance with the Corporate Affairs Commission's "Guidelines on Holding of Annual General Meetings (AGM) of Public Companies Using Proxies".

Members are required to appoint a proxy of their choice from the following proxies to represent them at the Meeting: (a) Dr. Elijah Akpan (Chairman); (b) Mr. Georgios Polymenakos (Managing Director/CEO); Mrs. Helen Umanah (Non-Executive Director).

A form for proxy is supplied with the notices circulated to members and if it is to be valid for the purpose of the meeting, it must be duly completed, stamped and deposited at the office of the Registrars to Champion Breweries Plc, Africa Prudential Registrars Plc, 220 B, Ikorodu Road, Palmgrove, Lagos or sent by e-mail to not less than 48 hours before the time of the meeting. The Company shall bear the cost of the stamp duty payable on this Proxy Form.

2. Appointment of Members of the Audit Committee

Any member of the Company may nominate a Shareholder as a member of the Audit Committee of the Company by giving notice in writing of such nomination to the Company Secretary at least 21 days before the Annual General Meeting.

3. Closure of Register

The Register of Members shall be closed from Monday, May 7 - 13, 2021 whilst the qualification date be May 6, 2021 for the purpose of updating the Register.

4. Right to Ask Questions

In line with Rule 19.12, The Rule Book of The Exchange, 2015, Part 11, Issuers' Rules. Shareholders of the Company have the right to ask questions not only at the Annual General Meeting but also in writing prior to the meeting. Written questions must be submitted to the Company Secretary, at least 48 hours days before the Annual General Meeting at Industrial Layout, Aka Offot, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria or by email at or

5. Electronic Version of The Annual Report and Accounts

Electronic versions of the 2020 Annual Report and Accounts are available online for viewing and download via the Company's website, and that of the Registrar,

6. Live Streaming of the AGM

The AGM will be streamed live online. This will enable Shareholders and other relevant Stakeholders who will not be attending the meeting physically to also be part of the proceedings. The link for the live streaming will be made available on the Company's website: and by the Registrar, in due course. 

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