Agriculture Sector – PRESCO Tops on EPS as LIVESTOCK Tops on PE Ratio


Thursday, December 22, 2016 5:07 PM / Proshare Markets 

The Agricultural sector is one of the main sectors in the Nigerian economy and as can be seen, its presence on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is on the low as the sector currently has five (5) stocks listed. 

A review of the EPS ratio of the agriculture stocks reveals that PRESCO tops based on EPS and is closely followed by OKOMUOIL, while ELLAHLAKES and  FTNCOCOA lead otherwise with negative EPS.   


PE Ratio review of the agriculture stocks revealed that LIVESTOCK and OKOMUOIL top the table, while FTNCOCOA and  ELLAHLAKES recorded the least ratio figure.

OKOMUOIL tops agriculture stocks Return on Equity (RoE) ratio, while FTNCOCOA recorded the least ratio with a negative figure. 

PRESCO tops agriculture stocks PAT Margin as OKOMUOIL follows on the ladder, while ELLAHLAKES and FTNCOCOA recorded the least percentage figure.

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