Trevor Neil's Friday Technical Analysis Surgery


Monday, March 07, 2016 6:19 PM / TheAnalyst

The recent volatility and untrustworthy fundamentals has shown us clearly the importance of market timing skills.

Trevor Neil’s free 24-part Comprehensive Course in Technical Analysis  continues with the March module - the 12th covering the understanding and use of Cycles.

In this session Trevor Neil will look at cycles as they relate to the markets. The evidence of the existence and influence. He will look at the known cycles - Seasonality, Konstratieff, Kuznets, Jugler, Kitchin and others - and will discuss the practical application in trading.

The subjects for the next quarter have also been posed - Fibonacci Retracement and Projections Part 2 in April, Relative Performance and How to Interpret Relative Strength Charts in May and Reading the Message of Volume in June. Attendees of the April Fibonacci session will receive the manual from Part 1 too. For More details and to book go

The eLearning sessions are on the third Friday of each month and are run live three times a day - 2pm Singapore time, 10.00am London time and noon NY time - times to suit everyone everywhere.

They are interactive and attendees receive a free comprehensive manual.. Sign up for the next session

About Trevor Neil MSTA MCSI

Trevor Neil, Europe’s leading technical analysis expert, has been a trader for over 30 years and a daily user of technical analysis. He was the celebrated global head of technical analysis at Bloomberg LP for four years where he was responsible for training and technical analysis software development on the Bloomberg terminal. Prior to that he was a very successful floor trader for Merrill Lynch, a Fund Manager at T-Capital and worked on the floor of LIFFE, giving short-term technical analysis support for a large group of arbitrageurs in the Bund pit. He was a board member of The Society of Technical Analysts in London for over ten years. He managed a successful futures quoted fund for Union CAL Limited and, as a registered CTA in the US, his track record shows just one losing year between 1984 and 1998. He left Union CAL to join Bloomberg. In 2003 he moved on to set up a hedge fund in South Africa. In 2004 he founded the BETA Group, offering consultancy to banks and funds around the world, as well as seminars to banking professionals. He has appeared on CNBC, Bloomberg television and has written articles published by leading financial journals. In 2003 he sold his interest in the successful hedge fund and concentrated on market timing skill consultancy for institutions. In July 2010 he started trading a new small (£18 million) hedge fund which he trades today.

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