Investing With Earnings Expectation


Friday, March 6, 2015 11:00 AM / Invest Data Consulting


If history is anything to go by, it may be difficult to state precisely what shape the Nigerian market would take, as the earnings winds has started blowing. Performances at this period in past years have been mixed; sometimes, the market won, at other times it was down. 


When forecasting market performances toward earnings season, one thus needs to consider factors that will drive price which is positive earnings and good rewards to shareholders at this season and other factors beforehand.  For example, from research, it was discovered that the market remained strong and bullish if the numbers released are impressive. 2015 being an election year with a difference, being the first time in sixteen years of uninterrupted civil rule has shown that there is a need for concern and caution.


I believe in Nigeria, I believe in our unity in diversity, I believe that elections 2015 will come and go as was the case in 2011 and other previous elections. I believe the market will come out strong thereafter but the fact is that I see the market slowing down week to the polls and after, this suggests that any position taken should be in stocks that has good fundamentals and strong prospect.  See the table below for companies that are expected to release their full year results in March and the projected EPS and possibility in dividend payment.

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