Brewery Stocks: CHAMPION Leads with +13.18% YTD Gains as NB Recommends Highest Dividend


Thursday, April 23, 2015/ 10.55am / TheAnalyst

The Beverages Brewers/Distillers sub-sector is dominated by alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks while the sub-sector is a high source of VAT revenue for the government.

The consumer goods sector which houses the beverages-brewers sub-sector constitutes about 17.77% of the total Market Capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange while out of the about 17.77% representation; the beverages-brewers sub-sector constitutes 9.33% to have the highest representation among other sub-sectors under consumer goods.

A closer review of the YTD price performance of the brewery stocks reveals that CHAMPION leads with +13.18% and closely followed by GOLDBREW with +1.09% YTD gains while INTBREW and NB  lead otherwise with -11.38% and -5.01% YTD losses respectively.

A further review of brewery stocks Q4 2014 results reveal that NB recorded the highest revenue figure of N266,372bn while GUINNESS followed closely with N109,202bn and as CHAMPION records the least earnings.

In terms of PAT, NB recorded the highest PAT with N42,520bn while GUINNESS followed with N9,573bn profits as CHAMPION records the least PAT.

In terms of Corporate Actions, NB recommended the highest dividend of N3.50k while GUINNESS recommends N3.20k dividends.

Also, a review of the Q1 2015 financials of the brewery stocks reveals that only GUINNESS has released its financials while others are yet to comply.

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