Best Performing Stocks on Reaction to Earnings


Friday, May 8, 2015 7:45 PM /Invest Data Consulting

The average stock that has released its earnings this season has rallied 0.61 percent on its earnings reaction for five trading days following its report date for the full year earnings while stock has declined on the average of 0.06 percent on market reaction to first quarter earnings reported so far in the market.  Below are lists of stocks that have released Q4 and Q1 with their performance as per market reaction to their reports for the days under consideration.


As revealed on the table, Nacho ranks first with a huge gain of 40.63 percent on its earnings report for five trading sessions, Vitafoam ranks second with a gain of 36.96 percent, followed by Learn Africa 28.57 percent, Total Nigeria Plc, Berger Paints and Trans-Nationwide.  It’s noticeable on the list that Total Nigeria is the only blue chip company among the top five.



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