Stocks Trading at 52-Week High and Low as @270613


Sunday, 30 June 2013 / The Analyst

The markets’ 52-week high and low stocks shows the current interplay of behaviour, psychology and funds focus as at this date. Market players and investors view the 52-week high or low as an important factor in determining a stock's current value as it is seen as an important tool in predicting the future price movement of stocks.

Strategist believed that investor can involve buying stocks near 52-week lows in anticipation that a bottom may be near just as short selling stocks near 52-week lows may be quite profitable, but is also dangerous, as stocks will frequently bounce higher after hitting 52-week lows, even if they are headed far lower in the longer term.

Whatever the case is, investors should bear it in mind that stocks tend to be highly volatile in either direction.

A swift review of the performance of stocks trading at their 52-Week high as at 27 Jun, 2013 reveals that four (4) stocks have hit new highs with PRESCO recording the 52-Week percentage change of +179.29% while CHAMPION and NCR closely followed with +95.44% and +42.53% gains in that order.

However, stocks trading at 52-Week Low as at 27th Jun, 2013 recorded a larger number – twenty-six (26) stocks with MORISON and ARBICO both leading with -72.80% and -70.56% losses respectively. On a YTD performance basis however, VONO recorded the highest loss of -40.63% closely followed by MORISON and DEAPCAP with -39.09% and -33.66% YTD loss respectively.



Sixty-seven (67) other stocks remained static, having not recorded any movement in price within the 52 weeks period – a very disturbing trend for holders of the securities.





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