Seplat Plc Announces Decision of Its Board of Director Meeting


Friday, October 20, 2017/ 2:50 PM / NSE 

In line with Section 1.1 of the  Rules Relating  to Board Meetings and  General Meetings of Issuers,  there  is  an  obligation  on  the Issuer to  notify  the  Exchange  within  twenty-four  hours  after  the  relevant  board meeting. 

It is hereby stated that the Company held its 47
th Board meeting on Thursday, 19th October 2017, at the SEPLAT Head Office, 25a Lugard Avenue, lkoyi, Lagos to approve its Q3 2017 Financial Results. 

The Q3 2017 Financial Results was duly considered and approved by the Board of Directors and will be filed with the Exchange on the 23'° of October 2017.

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