Red Star Express Opens Office in Burkina Faso


Wednesday, November 07, 2018 04:29 PM / NSE


We write to inform the general public that Red Star Express Plc. has opened an office in Burkina Faso - Red Star Express Burkina Faso.


Red Star Express Burkina Faso, will carry out pickup and delivery of time-sensitive and time-definite shipments within Burkina Faso.


Red Star Express Burkina Faso, has also been appointed Licensee of FedEx and TNT in Burkina Faso and will handle all FedEx and TNT inbound and outbound packages in Burkina Faso including, but not limited to pickups, deliveries and customs clearance of courier materials and bulky freight packages. Packages in and out of Burkina Faso will flow into FedEx & TNT global network covering over 220 countries.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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