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Omatek wins best computer company of the year award


April 26, 2010

Omatek Computers, the household name in computers has scored another 'first' as the company recently clinched the Best Computer Company of the Year award at the West Africa ICT Development awards in Lagos recently.

Speaking at the Awards Ceremony, the Group Managing Director of Omatek Ventures Plc, Engr.(Mrs.) Florence Seriki said the award is a result of continuous innovation, consistency and passion for excellence. According to the organisers of the award, Omatek beat six other computer companies to win the award based on a report, which indicates that Omatek Computers is the first Computer Factory in Africa to locally produce Completely Knocked Down (CKD) casings, speakers and also to locally produce home entertainment speakers, ranging from the two-in-one speakers, five-in-one speakers to home entertainment speakers.

With a factory in Lagos and Accra, Ghana from where the products are manufactured, Omatek has touched every sector of the economy across the West African Region, in addition to providing hands-on experience to students. As part of its resolve to improve the level of PC penetration while also boosting ICT literacy level, Omatek introduced a convenient and easy ownership/acquisition scheme tagged Omatek e-Xpress initiative, which enables consumers/students acquire any computer/Omatek product of their choice and pay over 12 - 24 months.

The Omatek e-learning scheme is also designed to provide a platform to ensure that Information and Communication Technology tools are deployed to schools/classrooms under a carefully structured learning environment equipped with internet connectivity to create a virtual connection between students and teachers, lecturers and students. Omatek has also introduced its 24-hour alternative solar-powered hybrid solution which combines the benefits of the solar system and those of the LED technology to proffer solutions that reduce energy consumption while saving costs.

With the 24 hour solar hybrid solution, Omatek Solar panel generates power for domestic and industrial use as the solar output passes through a solar charge controller, which powers the load directly during the day while also charging a bank of deep cell lead-acid batteries back-up system for use at night (sunset). The energy is then supplied via the Omatek brand of solar inverters.


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