Oil and Gas Sector – SEPLAT, ETERNA Top Gainers as FO Records -47.19% YTD Return


Tuesday, December 19, 2017 /03:53PM / Proshare Research

The Oil & Gas sector remains one of the most critical sectors of the Nigerian economy and as well as one of the active sectors on the Nigerian bourse.

A quick review of the EPS ratio of the oil & gas sector reveals that 
TOTAL tops and closely followed by MOBIL and FO while SEPLAT and JAPAULOIL  lead otherwise with negative EPS.

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A review of the PE Ratio of the 
oil & gas sector shows that OANDO and CONOIL top the table while SEPLAT and CAPOIL lead otherwise with negative figures.

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 tops Oil and gas sector on Return on Equity (RoE) ratio while  CAPOIL recorded the least ratio with a negative figure.

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 FO tops oil & gas sector’s PAT Margin as MOBIL follows on the ladder, while JAPAULOIL and CAPOIL recorded the least percentage figure.

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Oil & Gas sector records three (3) gainer to five (5) losers in 2017 as at 18th  December, 2017. 
SEPLAT tops the list of gainers with +42.12% while FO tops the losers’ chart with -47.29% loss. 

While, four (4) Stocks price  remained unchanged so far in the year

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.
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