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Oando Plc: Notification of Directors Dealing In Oando


December 20, 2011

Oando has notified The Exchange of its Director’s dealing in the Company’s share in Compliance with Rule 111 of the SEC Rules and Regulations.

Non-Executive Director        Chief Sena Anthony

Nature of transaction:         purchase of shares

Nature of interest:             direct, beneficial

Class of security:               ordinary

Number of securities:         35,000 shares


Details of the dealing are as follows:

1. Number of Securities       20,000 shares

    Price                            N29.00 per share

    Date of Purchase           17/09/2011

2. Number of Securities       9,700 shares

    Price                            N21.94 per share

    Date of Purchase           29/09/2011

3. Number of Securities       300 shares

   Price                                       N21.11 per share

   Date of Purchase            29/09/2011

4. Number of Securities       5,000 shares

    Price                            N24.13 per share

    Date of Purchase           04/10/2011


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